Elisha in Red at AE

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  1. I just completely stumbled across a red Elisha at Active Endeavors. With a coupon code for 25% it was well worth it. After completing the transaction it ocurred to me that it was odd that one just popped up out of no where when new red Elishas are so hard to come by......which in my mind means it may be a return. I hope not. I've had several experiences in receiving a bag ordered online that was very obviously a return...and used!

    Does this sound like a possible return?? Say it isn't so! :crybaby:
  2. I saw that there but was wondering the same thing...will they let you return it if you arent happy with it?
  3. I believe so. Half my brain was admonishing me to wait until the new Spring line is released which is supposed to include more red Elishas....but the other half of my brain didn't listen. It rarely does. ~sigh~
  4. Well, as I feared the Red Elisha was not only a return, but an OBVIOUS used-and-returned bag and probably the worst condition I've EVER seen a bag. Here's a partial listing of the damage. I'm taking pictures as well to document it for my own records. Fair warning to those scouting for a new red Elisha - don't buy this thing when/if it pops back up on Active Endeavors.

    There is extensive wear evident on the exterior bag in the form of scratches, scuffing and spotting - spots on the bow ends and on the front exterior of the bag as though something dripped on it. The lower rear of the exterior has what looks to be a puckered burn mark from cigarette ash and the bottom the exterior has extensive scuffing; areas where the color completely rubbed off. The underside of the handles have dirt staining and color wear. I'm shocked such a bag was returned to the available stock - at full price. :wtf: :cursing::wtf:

    Where the hell is the quality control??

    Ah well. That's what I get for being impulsive. I KNEW I should have waited for the spring line to come out since it will be including red Elishas once again.
  5. aww well hopefully the new line will be a bit better with maybe a new lining then the other season. I'm excited about it since I've been wanting a red elisha forever!
  6. Thanks. You're right - it will be better! I believe the new ones include a key clip as well. :heart:
  7. wow, that sucks, i'm sorry!
  8. It does suck! I mean, really ....who does that? Use a bag to hell and trash it ...only to return it knowing full well they've damaged it?? Some people have no scruples:cursing:.
  9. I can't believe a reputable online store would resell it.....:tdown:
  10. KoobaMe - sorry to hear that. Perhaps you can use that $$ to buy a new spring color Elisha that's only been touched by you. You deserve it now! :tender:
  11. :wtf: I am shocked. Does Active Endeavors have any form of quality control? By the sounds of it this Elisha was in awful condition, without checking it over close-up. This is truly disappointing for such a reputable store. Hold out for a better one and I hope this particular bag doesn't get shipped by AE to anyone else.
  12. I tell you, I was shocked. Getting a lousy returned bag seems to be the norm (or just my luck) at NM when it get down to an odd one popping up here and there, but I've never heard of folks getting funky bags from AE. While I had hoped it wouldn't be one, I was afraid it would end up being so....When a single hard-to-find bag pops up I guess it should be considered a red flag.

    Even so, the part that shocks me is that these items are returned and added back to the computer as available with no person checking them. Especially when the original buyer and destroyer of the bag returned it after what had to be a good amount of time...it takes time to tear up a bag like that. I mean - a cigarette burn for shytes sake!!
  13. A a note, the AE staff were wonderful when I called. Along with making them aware of the damage and that I was returning it I felt compelled to discuss with them the fact that such a bag made it back to available stock and that some schmuck obviously trashed it and returned it for a refund/store credit knowingly. The woman I spoke with (whose name escapes me at the moment) was fabulous.

    I truly believe it is not the norm with Active Endeavors to end up with a trashed bag, at least from my experience with them.
  14. I am shocked at the condition of the bag you got! I'm glad the return was not a problem. They should have offered an additional discount for a future purchase, IMO for dealing w/ the hassle.