Elisha in Blue!!

  1. I got a Neiman-Marcus catalog in the mail today, and Elisha was featured on one of the pages. In the front was a blonde, in the back was brown, and in the middle was BLUE! It was hard to tell the exact shade since only a small portion of the blue one was showing, but it looks like a pretty shade of medium blue! Can't wait to see this one IRL!!:drool:
  2. Wow......elisha is my favorite Kooba ever.... wonder if it will be a slate color?
  3. Me too! Nothing's up on the NM website, but hopefully SOON!
  4. Ooh, now that's an exciting thought... a blue Elisha. Let's hope it's a really nice blue.
  5. Love the shape, but that bow is still too cute for me...
  6. OH MY GOD! I would buy that in a sec.
  7. OMG....the bow is my favorite part. I love love love it!:woohoo:
  8. Ive been waiting for a gorgeous color elisha...hope this is it!
  9. No way! That is the most exciting news we've had around here in a while!!!!
  10. I would absolutely love it if it came a primary blue, or a royal blue!! woohoo!
  11. Ack! Where's my catalog? I need to see this!!