Elisha Cuthbert

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  2. What is she up to now that she doesn't do 24 anymore?
  3. The Girl Next Door Pt II??
  4. ^haha good one!
  5. She looks weird to me.
  6. I heard she went all diva on a valet guy a few days ago...I think I saw it on tmz.com that she was getting aggrivated because the guy accidentally handed her the wrong key.

    she has no room to be a diva
  7. She is a pretty girl.

    Wonder who that clutch is by?
  8. yup, she did go aggro on the valet. she also got all ticked off at Hyde the night these pics were taken, but I forget the specific reason why. It was on tmz, I think.
  9. She's pretty.
  10. yup saw that too, the valet claimed she didnt pay, and they couldnt find the guy they supposedly gave the money to or something. She wasnt very nice to the guy, who was just doing his job.
  11. she's pretty :smile:
  12. [​IMG]

    Source: JustJared
  13. Clicking on some of those photos bring up ads for porn sites...be careful if clicking while at work.
  14. What has she done since The Girl Next Door?
  15. She is in a new ABC show called "Happy Endings". I haven't seen it but from seeing commercials, it doesn't look that great.