Elisha, Bonnie, Devin.... help?

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  1. For good or bad... I just made an "impulse" purchase (sort of)!

    I bought a red Elisha!! I've been wanting a red bag!!

    After the fact, I've been searching through this thread and found that these other bags are similar.... I've not been able to find anything that directly compares them!:confused1:

    Could someone let me know the differences between the Devin, Bonnie, and Elisha (they sure look "related").

    Just need to feel sure that I made the RIGHT red bag choice in the Elisha! YIKES!

    You all have been a BAAAAD influence on me... this will be my 4th Kooba since joining the forum in April!! :P
  2. I think you made the right choice. It is a gorgeous color red. Muted like the shade of a Rose petal with a hint fg a blue tone deep in it. The most beautiful red in a bag I've ever seen.

    The Bonnie is the same except it's tiny...like a little easter basket. Can only old a wallet, some make-up, keys, and a few incidentals.

    Devin is a bucket bag. With a long shoulder strap. I am considering one since the Elisha leather is so great and the Devin would be the same. I'm not sure of size compared to the Elisha because the shape is different. Probably holds about the same.
  3. Thanks Lexie!! I think I made the right choice too:heart:... just went to Kooba.com (duh) to check the difference out! Bonnie too small for me... Devin a really pretty option tooo.... more of a "bucket bag" shoulder?

    I'm holding YOU, Lexie, :Presponsible for my Kooba addiction.... the Alex, Elisha, Kim, Nicole..... Well I gotta blame someone!! HA!! NOT ME!!:shrugs:
  4. JBug, you are going to love that beautiful red color in your Elisha. It is scrumptious.
  5. Congratulations JBug! I could barely restrain myself from buying it. I think you'll love the size and the color is just great!!
  6. JBug, I'm really glad you posed that question. I have seen the Elishas, Bonnies and Devins on here and on eBay and wondered what the difference was. I was just too lazy to look it up. Thanks Lexie for enlightening us.
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