Elisha and Devin in Suede at Active Endeavors

  1. I actually like them, though I have never had a suede bag I have heard to many bad stories about them.
  2. SO SO SO SO pretty in the Taupe. BUT it's suede! And I can't do suede. :crybaby:
    But I want it!!! And even Hubby said it was pretty. But I won't. And the price is the same...that is good to hear.
  3. I feel your pain Lexie. I can't do suede up here either. :sad: So pretty, yet so impractical. Ironic coming from the gal with two ivory Koobas. LOL!
  4. I love the suede taupe, but with all the dust in Saudi Arabia, it kills the look of suede. It's an impractical bag that I'd love to own.
  5. And the Devin was redesigned to have just one strap now. Gosh, How dare they come out with such an irresistable bag in suede. Hubby doesn't understand since I already own both bags. BUT BUT it's suede I told him...and gorgeous.
    Talk me out of it girls...
    How long will it take me to have it look like a rag and having to sell it on eBay for 3.99 BIN! LOLOL
  6. Oohhhhh!! I love that taupe Elisha. I think that darker coloured piping around the edges really sets it off.
    But as everyone has said, its suede, so how long would it really last.
    But if one ever pops up on eBay I might check it out :graucho:, but I wont pay full price for suede.

    I reckon its the best bag I have seen so far from the fall line. :yes:
  7. I can't say I'm excited about suede Koobas. :wondering

    I don't really understand what direction Kooba is going with the new bags so far... the astronaut bag, the one with tons of whipstitching, the licorice handles, etc.

    I feel as though they have created so many fabulous bags, why wouldn't they reissue some of the classic faves (Sienna, Lucy, Jillian, Paige, etc) in different colors or textures. Imagine a red Jillian or a dark olive Lucy, or a Sienna with brushed silver hardware. Mmm...

    Am I just too stuck in the past? Do I need to buck up and get with the program? LOL...

  8. No, I'm with you KL. I don't like the suede Koobas either. Nothing so far is appealing to me. I think you're right about reinventing the classics, but if they did that, then I'd ask a lot of car companies to do the same as well. Why can't they bring back the old Mustangs and corvettes? The way they WERE though, not some newfangled version. Hehe. I guess we're what you'd call "classicists." :lol:
  9. The taupe ones are really pretty. I like suede but like the rest of you, doeesn't work well for me.
  10. They are really pretty, but I share everybody's concern about suede...
  11. I LOVE suede (I have the suede Lena), and I really like the Taupe Devin, but I tend to go for darker suede colors like the Lena to lessen the chance of it looking dirty. But for as much as I love suede, I'm not a big fan of black suede bags.....boots sure, but not bags. Odd.

    I think if the Taupe Devin went on sale for a killer price, and it does seem like Kooba puts their suede bags on sale fairly quickly, I'd probably go for the Taupe Devin. It would have to be a great sale though! I do like the contrasting trim a lot too.
  12. You would think they would lay off the suede considering the amount of them you can always pick up on clearance after season.
  13. really beautiful but as everyone else has said,,,suede not so much