Elise Wallet?

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  1. Anyone got one? How do you find it?

    I've searched for threads on wallets but it's not a popular pick it seems.

    I've sourced a pristine DA PreLoved one and am very excited to use it with my DA Neverful in the summer!!

    I've always had Mulberry wallets so an LV one is quite a departure for me.
  2. I have one and I love it. Nice and simple. I recently switched to a zippy wallet just because I needed more organization. But the Elise wallet holds a lot more coins than my zippy.

  3. Thanks for your insight! Really helps :smile:
  4. Ok, I'm glad. I know when I was shopping for the elise wallet I couldn't find any info or reviews on it either :smile:
  5. The Elise was my very first LV wallet. It's a great compact wallet, but as time went on I needed more credit card slots and found the wallet started to bulge when it was too full. I didn't want to risk tearing so I got a compact zippy as an alternate wallet. The Elise is a great wallet depending on your needs.
  6. Thanks - yes, info is a little lacking on it :smile:
  7. That's great info, thank you. It'll be a holiday (well, not an everyday!) wallet for me. so hopefully I won't need to stuff it full like I do my current one.