Elisa Laced Leather Xl Slim Duffle

  1. Okay I wasn't loving the new bleeker collection until I logged onto Coach.com this morning and my laid my eyes on the Elisa Laced leather XL duffle!!! :drool:.

    Unfortunatley I am broke from buying Lily and Gig during PCE so I have to wait for Christmas time...do you guys think the Bleekers will still be around then? If so I think I'm getting Elisa instead of Leigh!!!
  2. The Elisa Laced Leather XL Slim Duffle should be around until the end of the year as it just came out. I have the Elisa and am most likely returning it as it is just too big for me. I find it takes my body over completely. I do love the color in that rich mahogany brown. The leather is to die for as I own the Bleeker Laced Flap No. 11446. I just wish that they made a smaller bag in this leather, something between the size of the Elisa and my Flap. Here is a picture of the bag I own. I have been carrying
    this bag for a week now and I love it.