elisa is back online at coach.... interesting

  1. wow, never thought i would see her on there again.... she is colors! omg ! she is beautiful!
  2. omg - she is all the different colors! i am freaking out !
  3. yes, I posted a link in another Elisa thread earlier this week.

    Aren't they fabulous!!!!
  4. wheres the link ?? i want to see thanks
  5. I love the natural color Elisa! Too bad she's too expensive for me...
  6. I am on my iPhone so can't copy paste, but if you type Bleecker in the search on Coach the Elisa pops up as a legacy store only item.
  7. Those colors are exclusive to Bleecker St. and the only two available right now are camel and natural. They told me they will get more stock but they fly right out the door!
  8. You can call the Legacy Boutique to have them notify you when your desired color arrives!
  9. :drool:GORGEOUS!I am 5'3" 125#, tried her on at the boutique and was wowed! :yahoo: Although a smashing large bag, not overwhelming at all! She will sell out quick!
  10. Wow...that is a gorgeous bag!! I love the geranium and saddle!!! Thanks for the info!
  11. :drool::drool:love, love, love the saddle and natural!!:drool::drool:
  12. she is beautiful!!
  13. wow...that is one nice bag!