Elisa Atheniense -- Opinions!!!!

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  1. What do you all think of this handbag? I'm still looking for a light-colored bag under $700 and I saw this on Active Endeavors. I can also get the 20% discount.


  2. It's pretty! I like it.
  3. Not bad..I would prefer it in a different color though.
  4. Very pretty! I would like it more if it were larger, though. I'm on a big-bag trip
  5. Very nice, I like it!
  6. pretty! to me its on the big side though. i
  7. It's lovely.
  8. Love it! I think I've seen it in a different color before, very cute :]
  9. I saw that one too, was searching for the same spring summer bag... check out the Goldenblue tote with the ruching detail, not sure of the price, clsoer to $800, can only find it on their website...www.goldenblue.com It is the only tote on the 2006 line, the pleating is awesome and the leathers are like buttah....
  10. It's cute, but for that price I'm not sure I like it that much.
  11. Anyone own one of her bags? I have seen that she makes some beautiful leather woven bags as well.