Elini Watches

  1. I was in TJ Maxx today and saw a beautiful sky blue watch that was in a gorgeous flower box, and the watch, hopefully I'm remembering right, was an Elini. (I looke them up and online and am almost absolutely sure that's what it was) Anyways, I saw that it had a yellow markdown tag on it, which always means things are an amazing price, so when I had the salesgirl take it out it said $169. Is this a good deal? The TJ Maxx original price said $999, but they are almost always too low on this. I cannot for the life of me remember if it had diamonds in it or not. I'm at home now, and I'm really wondering if I should have bought it! I thought the box it came in was really unexpected, anybody that owns one of these watches, did it come in a box decorated with flowers on top of it?