Elijah's Birth Story

  1. I finally got the time to relax and sit down to write this.
    Elijah Aaron was born on 9-8-7....7lbs 8oz, 20 inches long at 9pm. He has a lil' Jewfro and dark blue eyes.

    I was scheduled to be induced on 9/10 but labor started before that!Light contractions started at night on Sept 7th and progessively got closer together during the morning on Sept 8th. DH (he is a physician) checked my cervix and I was 3cm and about 85% effaced.

    My water broke at 3pm on Sept 8th, so we headed off to the hospital. When I got to the hospital at 4pm, I was 4cm and 90% effaced. They called for my epidural right away and that was like heaven!

    After that the OBGYN on call checked me. Even though my water had broke, the doc said I actually had TWO bags of water, so she broke the other one. (This sometimes happens when they fuse together during early pregnancy)
    They also gave me a little pitocin and by 7pm I was 7cm. Labor was very relaxing, not horribly painful and I could totally feel and move my legs/feet/lower body.

    At 8:30 I felt the urge to push and when they checked me I was 10cm. They set everything up and I started to push. I pushed for about 10 minutes and at one point pushed so hard that he flew out of me. Infact, the kid flew out so fast that I literally showered the doc with amniotic fluid and one of the nurses jumped out of the way. lol. However, Elijah swallowed some amniotic fluid and needed oxygen. He was very gray and looked shocked. :sad: They rushed him off to the NICU and I couldn't stop crying, I couldn't see him for an hour until my epidural completely wore off so I had to rely on the solemn looks from the nurses that were cleaning me up.

    They said they might have to transfer him because he was on 100% oxygen and his chest X-Ray revealed his lungs were full of fluid. But he managed to get better over the course of 4 hours and by morning was only on 50% oxygen.
    He had to spend the week in the NICU but is home and healthy and doing fabulous. Little bugger scared the hell out of me though and if he had been born at home....he wouldn't be here today. :sad:

    Overall, the labor & delivery was very easy and relaxing. I had two small stitches and the epidural was HEAVEN. Here are some pics!

    Here are some pics from his Bris this last weekend...
    With his big sister Shoshie & with me
  2. Oh my gosh Japter what a story! Your son is sooo beautiful. It's funny you said he has a little Jewfro. He is adorable, I want to hold him now! I'm glad both of you are in good health!
  3. Congrats! He absolutely adorable. I'm so glad that he's healthy and doing well now.
  4. :heart:Thanks!
    He actually looks like a mini-Liberace whenever I give him a bath. His hair rocks. lol.
  5. He's beautiful!!
  6. He is so beautiful-and what a head of hair already! Big sis is already a pro.:tup:
  7. That was a wonderful story, and good luck to Elijah and your family. Was your daughter at the birth as she planned to be? Was she scared?
  8. he is so cute, congrats japster, im glad everything turned out well.
  9. Congratulations Japster! Baby Elijah is adorable!! So happy his birth went well and he (and you) are doing great!:heart:
  10. Congrats on your baby Boy!

    Glad to hear everything worked at well (phew!)
  11. Japster~ You 2 look absolutely beautiful together!

    [​IMG]....I am so hormonal right now. I could cry in happiness for you both. What a touching and funny birth story (baby flying out part) ....Truely you are blessed. I am glad that everything turned out well and you both are safe and healthy~:heart:
  12. Beautiful story and a beautiful new addition to your family! Glad it all went well in the end....he's just a treasure!
  13. This is the sweetest picture, she loves him so much!!!!
    I'm verklempt!!


    Thank you so much for posting your story and these lovely photos.
    You are all lovely, and hot, of course!!!
  14. Congratulations! What a little sweetie and the pic with your daughter <sigh> just sooo sweet!
  15. Congratulations... ! Your DS and DD look beautiful!:heart: I can't believe how fab you look after your delivery...very photogenic :smile: