Elijah Wood... is weird

  1. I always thought he was a 'different' kind of guy (although when I was younger I was in love with him). Recently at a NYC art festival Elijah and his gf posed for this pic (oddly enough it is Elijah's gf is giving birth to him if you look closely). :Push:
  2. Yuck!
  3. :blink: lol Frida would be proud.
  4. I thought he was creepy in "Sin City". I would call him eccentric. :smile:
  5. Man, can you imagine if you just stick your head through the hole, thinking that it's you usual Rambo/Betty Boop poster, and then you see the picture!

    Elijah Woods is an oddball - he was on Conan O'Brien the other night, acknowledging this website about his "gayness"

  6. Ok that site has me on the ground laughing! I know it's somewhat mean, but some of the things he does is just weird. Anyhow, the site is written so funny! I missed the show but I bet it was a good one.
  7. From www.veryverygay.com:

    "Elijah with baked goods = gay"

    Think of that the next time you go out for muffins.
  8. gross.
  9. no comment
  10. she looks great!!
  11. if i took a pic like that i would make sure its a man giving birth ...much more fun! :nuts: i am surprised elijah hasnt thought about it!
  12. haha this thread is so old... and I just think it's funny. :smile:
  13. too funny, gotta love this guy! :nuts:

    Look closely? :sweatdrop: I thought it was pretty much unignorable :P
  14. lol, just noticed that too :roflmfao: the curious ways of online forums....
  15. i don't know why, but i'm always kinda feel scared when i look at his face
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