Elijah & the Orange Boxes

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  1. I thought I would use my little 11 month old son, Elijah to help me reveal my two newest 25cm bags. Especially since so many of you have known him when he was still in utero. :heart::heart:

    Last week I was in NYC for a Jewelers Convention and stayed with my dear friend and H Forum sister, Avandome. We had a friggin BLAST together. During the week, I ended up buying & trading for these two beauties from her.




    I also got to meet TPF Members: AbbyRoad, DressageQueen, HLFinn, Olive, HermesMonkey.

    Here is a pic of me making sweet secksy time with HermesMonkey's Croc Kelly. Also pictured... My 35cm Bleu Sapphire Birkin & A's Croc Birkin.

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  2. The two new bags are... 25cm Lizard Birkin in Fuschia and 25cm Black Kelly. :heart:
  3. Is that pink lizard Elijah has? That is one stylish baby, but I think the blue croc Kelly would suit him better! :biggrin:

    Congrats on your lovely purchases, health to wear and enjoy!
  4. Oh my Elijah is toooooooo cute!! I love his outfit.....oh yeah and your bags are beautiful....but Elijah :tender:
  5. The bags are super fabulous but this boy of yours takes the cake!!


    Thank you for the lovely post!
  6. OOh, lovely bags, cute baby. My little boy is about the same age. I haven't introduced him to H yet. lol
  7. LOL. Yep. 25cm Fuschia Lizard

    I would LOVE that Blue Roi croc kelly but HermesMonkey for some reason would not give it to me. :roflmfao:

    And Yeah I have been considering a blue croc, but I do already have a few blue bags--- a 20cm Bleu Sapphire box mini Kelly AND a 35cm Bleu Sapphire Birkin.
  8. love it!!! :smile:
  9. How fun Japster!!!! Love the pics! Your son is PRECIOUS!!!!!
  10. Jpster,your new bags,your darling son,
  11. The hilarious thing about those photos is that he's SO on-trend for summer with all those clashing colors and cats-eye shades. A mini style icon in the making! :biggrin:
  12. Just love love them all.
  13. Congrats! Blue is definitely your color. Thanks for sharing.

  14. OMG! E - baby eli is sooooo adorable! i cant believe that little baby is no longer a baby! he is freakin cute!

    and the 25 cm babies are TDF!

    HM and Avan - your crocs are stunning too!

    what a fun time you guys had!
  15. Wow! Congrats on your new new and fabulous bags. I loved your pictures and narrative!