Elie Tahari Sample Sale

  1. I checked out the sale lsat night and the stuff was ok. Although the sale is very unorganized with merchandise all over the place, they do have a number of current season items. You just have to be patient and comb through all of the racks. I found basic tshirts for $29, black Sevana dress for $159, Taupe Della dress for $99, an embroidered jacket for $159 and a wool, cashmere Riley coat for $199. If you have time and patience it's worth a look:

    Elie Tahari
    510 Fifth Ave

    Some prices I remember are:
    Leather jackets $349-$399
    Sweaters $79-$99
    Dresses $99-$159
    Coats $199-$349
    Knits $29
  2. sorry that I have to ask this, but...where is the sale at? Los Angeles??? or NY?

  3. nm.. sorry, I just noticed 5th Avenue:noggin: thanks anyway!
  4. I went at 5:30PM tonight and thought there was a lot of selection and several items from this season for 70% off. X-smalls are hard to find but lots of Smalls and larges.

    They are constantly refilling and on Thursday-Friday there will be more suiting items being put out.

    Also a really nice sales girl told me that they are going to slash pricing on the last day by at least 20% depending on how much merchandise is left.