1. Hi there :smile:

    I have heard a rumour that Mulberry are planning to stop making Elgin? Anyone who can confirm or ?

  2. I heard that as well, so there might be something to it. What a shame though, I love that model!
  3. Really, I thought it was one of their iconic styles that would go on and on!:s
  4. I thought so to. I think I might pop by my local Mulberry store and ask them. They should know....
  5. I do like the looks of Elgin and I bought it earlier this year.

    However (here it comes) I do find it uncomfortable to use and not very convenient to take things in and out of. It is just too deep (well, I am short, 5' = short arms) and there's too many straps getting in the way.
  6. If they do discontinue the Elgin it will probably still be around in the UK outlets for a good while... look at the blenheim, when was that discontinued? Must be about two years ago, and there seems sto be plenty of those in oak and chocolate still about. I know this is not of much help to those outside the Uk though : (
  7. Oh really? I have an Elgin in olive and I love mine. It seems to be rain resistant and it fits all of my (considerable) junk inside.
  8. So glad I have it in oak!I love this bag,fits all my crap in and still looks elegant!! bet the olive color is absolutely divine.Will be very sad if they stop making it,I love its understated look.