Elgin rumours update

  1. So ladies, I know a lot of you have wondered if there really was anything in the rumours about the Elgin being discontinued and if the model then would be in the sales, so here's a recent update straight from the Mulberry store manager. They ARE discontinuing the Elgin but they will not be in the sale from the stores.

    The model was really popular and they do not see the need to lower the price to get the last few ones sold. When I asked why they would not keep the model, she replied that it is a strategy from Mulberry, they do not wanna overfloat the market with products to keep them in high demand. So if anyone is dreaming about an Elgin I would go out and get it now or be prepared to hunt it down on eBay.

    I'm gonna miss the Elgin :crybaby:
  2. Thanks , a friend of mine wanted one for christmas and from what I had read on here I told her they would be reduced in the xmas sale ....Ooops .

    So from what you are saying her best bet would be to buy one now from Mulberry .
    Thanks XXXX
  3. I was so sure they would be reduced as well :shrugs: But you're welcome, I hope your friend gets one - here in Copenhagen they only had one black left!
  4. Yep, the Elgin is definitely going... I'm sad to see it go too, even though I managed to score mine several months ago - it's such a practical bag and so stylish at the same time! Honestly, I can't see why they chose to discontinue that style, but seems they have some sort of plan...