ELF eyes lips face cosmetics opinions?

  1. i made my first ELF order last week, and hopefully both packages have arrived when i get home tomorrow. or at least sometime next week. i'm excited to try everything out, i got mostly stuff from their studio line, but also one thing for the normal line and one thing from the mineral line (primer) :biggrin:

    have anyone tried the eyeliner pen for $1?
  2. The felt tipped eyeliner pen? They work nice in the beginning but they do dry out. I just tried mine (have had it for a little while) and while it comes out nice and smooth and dark on the back of my hand when I put it to my eye I couldn't get anything. I love the concept but honestly it's not the greatest.

    I like the studio line and the mineral line better then the regular line.
  3. I love their mineral showdoes, but I'm finding that there isn't enough color variations. Mostly browns, golds, some purples, and a pale pink. I also have a dark green. Very earthy...sometimes I want a little more pop, even if it's subtle. I wish there were more youtube tutorials using these mineral shadows.

  4. your swatches do not show up in the thread:push:
  5. ^^Really? I just looked at them and they are all loading showing the images. Maybe try looking again in a little while? I'm not sure cause I see them.
  6. I really like some of their eyeshadows!! They are not as compact as MAC but still work well and blend easily!!! Wearing some today!!
  7. I am not sure if this has been mentioned or if anyone cares but the empty 4 space eye palette they have does fit the MAC pro pans. I just thought it was nice for travel if you have a 15 MAC one and don't need ALL those colors for traveling to throw them in there. For $1 it cannot be beat.
  8. Absolutly love their Studio Blushes and own them all! They also have a bunch of new stuff up on the site that i want to try. The beauty encyclopedias are getting rave reviews too!
  9. Gotta run and check their website!!! :p

    Thanks for sharing!! Sounds like hard to beat!! :yahoo:
  10. ^^I got the Bright Eyes Beauty Book and the first row of shadows was a little disappointing. They are very powdery and when you apply nothing sticks. I've only played with those on the back of my hand so when I would swipe it on nothing comes off, if I pat them on it's ok but one little breeze and they are gone, left with sparkly glitter. I haven't tried them with a primer so I don't know about that. Also the Bright Eyes book seems really similar to the Sparkle Edition to me (I tried comparing them with youtube swatches as I only have the one).

    I did order the new shimmer eyeliner pencils so I can't wait to see how those look in person. I'll swatch them if anyone is interested when I get them. Oh and I ordered 3 of the new cream liners.
  11. This is great to know!
  12. This is great! Thanks!
  13. I've been using the clear mascara a little over a week now and I love it! I just use it to set my 'brows and they stay put all day. I will definitely stock up on this.
  14. I bought several items earlier this year. The eye shadows are kinda eh. Wasn't really impressed. I totally :heart: the mineral lip gloss tho. I want to buy tons more.
  15. Anyone know if the palettes fit the Smashbox e/s or b/s?