ELF eyes lips face cosmetics opinions?

  1. These are the Duo Eyeshadow Creams:
    They make really good bases to the powder shadows.
  2. ^^ THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting the swatches of the mineral shadows, there are a lot I want based on your pics.
  3. Awesome glad you liked the swatches. Most of the mineral shadows are sparkly but I try to tone them down with other shadows. I wish they would make more matte ones.
  4. Are they like "nightime" glittery? I like a subtle shiimmer, lol.
  5. I just became a HUGE FAN of mineral makeup since discovering Bare Minerals foundation so I'm so curious about the shadows now.
  6. For the cream duos you said they are good as base, is the color very pigmented and can it stand alone as a shadow in your opinion?
  7. Some of them are shimmery where they almost look like they are foiled. Some of them are glittery. Some of them are really dark. It all kind of depends on the look you are going for and how you apply them. Like "Wild" for instance is really dark and has glitter (which kind of looks like it doesn't belong in it) but that shadow I would either use for night or use really close to the lash line like a liner. Or you could use it as a brown smokey eye. "Angelic" I wanted to use as a highlighter shadow for near my brow and the inner corner of my eye, but it's way to sparkly for that. I used "Sweet" the other day very lightly on top of other shadows and it came out very soft and light. You do get a lot of play with the intensity depending on how heavy or light you apply. I haven't worn all of them yet.

    If you like subtle shimmer...I'm not sure about some of them. I would suggest waiting for a sale. I bought all of these when they had a 70% off sale so each one was only 90 cents. I don't feel bad for having ones that I'm not too crazy about because they were so cheap.

    I've recently became a minerals fan too. I bought all the e.l.f. minerals blushes and shadows, plus I'm using their foundation, concealer, mineral booster and even their fairly new blemish kit. Bare Minerals is a little too pricey for me so I think e.l.f. works just as nice. I have all the mineral lip glosses too.

    Some of them yeah you could get away with just wearing the cream shadows. But ones like "sugar cookie" and maybe even "butter pecan" are a little too light. The purple color in the "eggplant" duo looks beautiful with the studio line "amethyst" single shadow on top of it.

    Their stuff is so affordable that it gives you a chance to play and find what works for you (especially when you use their coupons).

    Oh and I have to mention always wear a primer under all the shadows. They will crease. In the swatches I used the studio primer because I'm not really a fan of that one so I didn't mind wasting it. Normally I love the mineral line primer followed by the dollar line primer.
  8. Thanks for all the information on elf, I appreciate it. I scored my Bare Minerals foundation FULL SIZE for $13 on eBay, I'm fanatical about finding a deal.
  9. I just got a big order of elf stuff in - my first trial of the product line!

    I got... four eyeshadows, the eyeshadow transformer kit, eyeshadow primer, foundation primer, a fan brush, translucent mattifying powder, and two eyeliner & shadow sticks.

    I'll give an update after I get to try some of the products out. I like the packaging (sturdy, not flimsy!) and the colors of everything look great... at least in the package!
  10. one2many.....Thank you so much for all the swatches!!!! E.L.F. should have them on their site! I want so many of the mineral eyeshadows now!
  11. I'm so glad you guys liked the swatches. I love having them for my own benefit too. With so many shadows it's hard to know which colors look like what outside of the container.
  12. I just wish shipping was $14.95 to Canada!
  13. My first elf order!

    Missing from the pic: mattifying face powder, mineral foundation primer, eyelid primer, and makeup remover wipes (doped up on cold meds... my brain isn't thinking clearly!)

    So far, I love the mattifying face powder and the quad in the lower left is the eyeshadow transformer thing... love it! The eyelid primer was SUPER liquidy and not fun to work with... not so sure about that.

    I tried the fan brush (okay I suppose?), the lip glosses (orange and strawberry creme) and I like those... the shadow/liner stick was meh... didn't work that great. And I have tried a few of the single eyeshadows; don't care for one of the browns (on the right) but the others were good. The makeup remover wipes worked well too.. took all the mascara off and no burning eyes!
  14. Awesome haul TygerKitty! Which primer did you get? The mineral primer is really good. You don't need a lot at all, in fact if you use too much it will crease. I just dot some on my lids and then blend it out with the studio concealer brush.

    I went to a function last night and wore 2 of my mineral shadows. I wore socialite and golden on top of the berry mix cream duo. I used the mineral primer. After 6 hours it wasn't creasing but I had to take it off cause it was bedtime. The colors were really pretty together. I realized while in bed I should have tried to take a picture.
  15. Yeah, I bought the mineral eyeshadow primer... it was like the product was separated or something, when I put the cap back on an oily liquid leaked out. *Shrugs* I'm going to try to swirl the wand around in it first next time.

    The eyeshadow you put on sounds really pretty! Take a pic next time!