ELF eyes lips face cosmetics opinions?

  1. I am an E.L.F junkie!! For the price, it's worth trying out the products.
    Their studio line brush set is well worth the money. I'm not to fond of their eye shadow palette but it get the job done, for the most part.

    Their eye lid primer (mineral line) works really well too!
  2. My favorite product by elf is Complexion Perfection. I really like the way it evens out my skin tone. However, I find that it cracks and falls apart in the pan with most of the product still left in it (every time, without fail). I used to not mind because it's only $3, so I'd deal with it or go buy another. But now that I have a pile of them sitting in my drawer, all in a million pieces and most of the product left, I'm less inclined to run out and buy another.
  3. Why not collect all the broken pieces from different compacts, put in a container and either swirl your brush over the broken bits or completely crush all the pieces and use as a loose powder.
  4. You can fix broken compacts with a little rubbing alcohol too. But they will be weaker so can't be thrown in a purse or anything afterwards.
  5. I don't like ELF cosmetics. Even the mascara was bad, IMO. I want to try their studio brushes, though.
  6. I love my elf mascara a lot----- to each there own tho-
  7. I love elf products! I use their eyelash curler every single day. It's seriously amazing and for $1 you can't go wrong. I also really love the liquid eyeliner. I use it almost everyday and it's a great formula and lasts long. The complexion perfection powder is good too as someone else mentioned. I think that people over look elf products some of them are really good. Some is crap but I've found some pretty amazing products there as well. I love their blush in peachy keen!
  8. I just bought 7 brushes and I really love them. They're a lot nicer than brushes I have from both Sephora and Bloomingdale's.
  9. I like ELF brushes but all the makeup i ve bought has been a disappointment
  10. I love SO many elf products! The flat top brush is amazing for blending, the lash curler is a freaking STEAL at $1 and the $1 lip glosses are great if you are like me and you loose them all the time!
  11. I've used their eyelid primer and I love it. It really keeps my eyeshadow and mascara from smudging, and I use some of it under my eyes for concealer - it brightens them up and isn't too thick.
  12. Today I bought the bronzer/blush duo and gel liner. For $3 each, why not try them. :smile: I have some of their brushes and they are great!
  13. I didn't like them when I was younger, but as I've gotten older and tried more of their products, I really like them. I more go for their Studio line, but the Essentials line is good. I haven't tried their Minerals line yet. These are the products I really like from them:

    Mineral Infused Mascara (studio line)
    HD Powder (studio line)
    Eyelid Primer (essentials line)
    Tinted Moisturizer (studio line)
    Eyeshadow Quad (essentials line)

    There are a few other products I've tried from them, but these are my current favorites.
  14. I picked up the 32 warm palette from Big Lots yesterday. It was $5, and definitely worth it. Not all of the shades are super pigmented. The shimmery shades are pretty decent, the matte shades you have to work with a big. But i've played around with it quite a few times and i've come out with some really awesome looks. Definitely worth the $5. I don't know why people are so hard on ELF, yes not everything is amazing but they have some super good products.
  15. Ladies!! Buy the cream eyeliner. It is a steal. I purchased the E.L.F. cream eyeliner in black for $3 and the Revlon gel eyeliner for $9. Purchased them both at target. Both claim to be smudge proof, but the Revlon also claims to be water proof. I sampled them both on my hand, allowed to dry, and tested. The Revlon brand color was not as intense, smudged, and came off with water. The E.L.F. brand is so much better. The color is darker, little to no smudge and did not come off with water alone. I love it!