ELF eyes lips face cosmetics opinions?

  1. I am totally agreed with you for their mineral collection. I bought most of the eye shadow colors and the pigments are fantastic. But I would say it is kind of messy in powder formed.
  2. I ordered online.
  3. I love the brushes as just a cheap brush to have. I really don't expect much from them because their products cost me $1-10, with brushes costing about $3 at target. I have never purchased the kabuki brush, but the eye brushes I use daily without problems. When I clean them I do see bristles coming out though which can be normal depending on the brush and the type. Personally, I would recomend their brushes just to have extras. As far as eyeshadows and make-up I haven't purchased them and I'm not sure if they are worth buying. Are they worth it. I think e.l.f. has a hilighter and I have never used one before and I was thinking about looking for one, is e.l.f.s worth buying in the mean time?
  4. I use their black eye liner and love it. Don't use their brown eye liner....I don't like it at all. The color doesn't stay and you can barely see it (on my olive skin). I've also used their mineral eye shadows and agree that it's pretty good, especially for what you're paying for.
  5. i really like their (more expensive line?) kabuki face brushes... have used for years now. Altho in the latest order I found the bristles to be shorter than in the past. Not so that its unusable, but I like the old length. Perhaps a cost cutting measure
  6. I like powder brush from the studio line!
  7. Honestly I love ELF. Pretty much all my brushes are from there. They are great quality. The packaging is great quality on everything. It's not flimsy and cheap. My sister used Bare Minerals and she said the ELF version is just as good. And for $1-$5 it's a STEAL! You can get them at target now. I LOVE their concealer for $1. It's small yes but you don't need a lot and it works perfect for my under eye dark circles. I love their eyeshadow too. It lasts and it's got amazing pigment. Their nail polishes are great for being $1 and I like their matte top coat. The only thing I have gotten from them that I don't like is their mascara. It's kind of gooey and takes forever to dry so it gets all over.
  8. I ordered e.l.f. once and was really disappointed with the quality of the products. Especially the eye shadows, the palette was dry and crumby. I liked the eyeshadow base, though.
  9. I LOVE ELF. Some of their stuff is awful, like the $1 pressed powder makes me orange and flaky. But some of their stuff is amazing, like the HD primer and powder (for only $6) and the beauty books. I just got the beauty book in "flawless face" and was totally blown away. For $5 I got 4 shades of concealer, 4 different shimmer/highlight colors (pearl, nude, pink, and a brownish color) and a blush and bronzer, all very creamy and blendable. I'm not a huge fan of the cheap eyeshadows, but the mineral pigments are very good. I also love the $1 eyeshadow primer. I use it daily. It's not going to hold up to a shower like Lime Crime or something, but it works. I also like the brushes a lot. The larger ones shed a little, but they're very soft and I've never had issues with the smaller brushes. I've been using the same eyeshadow brush for 2 years now and it's still good as new. Other than the $1 brushes I've had nothing bad bad things to say about the $1 line, but the Studio and Mineral lines ($3 each) are fantastic. I found the reviews on their website to be good. Bonus, they have the best deals on their site.
  10. I've used the eyeshadow primer (it's awesome!) the tinted moisturizer is actually pretty good too...however it fades away during the day. I say nay...to the eyeshadows.
    The concealer is ok, the bronzer is too much! I felt my face was too shiny and chrome-looking.
  11. I have a couple of their eye brushes and they are really nice, great for the price too. I've never tried they make up though, seems a bit too cheap to me lol!
  12. Never used any of their products, not planning to either. However, their brushes are recommended for girls starting off in makeup and need affordable brushes.
  13. I saw my co-worker with this E.L.F Cheek and Lip tint.. It's a small and fat tube.. It's glittery.. Not sure if it's good. But my sister has been telling me about their eyelash curler which is just a fcking BUCK. 1 dollar people!!! LOL!! My sister says it's good... x
  14. I have not tried their eyeliner or shadows. I do like their lip gloss....
  15. I would recommend there brushes and blush ..some eyeshadows are pigmented ..and the lip glosses are great