ELF eyes lips face cosmetics opinions?

  1. I agree! I have sensitive skins, when I apply e.l.f shadows, my eyelid start to itch and I also got rashes. I would recommend stay away from their shadows if you have sensitive skins.
  2. What are you washing with?
  3. The olive Oil and dish washing liquid method... I used to wash with Castile Soap and it didn't shed but it didn't get Revlon's colorstay completely out either. I'm thinking the oil is probably loosing up the glue to hold the bristles or something.
  4. Just wanted to post an update about the $3 tinted moisturizer! So I've tried Laura Mercier's TM before, and even that didn't provide as much coverage as I'd like (light acne scars). The e.l.f. one is great, has SPF 15 in it. Blends very well, gives great coverage for a TM.
  5. Color Stay is awful to get out! I've been using a Shiseido oil cleanser I got as a GWP and it works great, also the alcohol method works great on Color Stay.
    Good thing it's only a $3 brush!
  6. I'm still waiting on two orders to ship! I placed orders with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales (I wish I had known about the Monday sale where EVERYTHING was 50%!)
  7. Revlon Colourstay is embedded in any brush I've used it with, regardless of how vigorously I cleaned them. I only apply that foundation using my hands and a damp sponge.
  8. I actually love e.l.f "all over colour" stick. It covers all my blemishes and evens out the red parts on my skin SO WELL. x
  9. I think I'll look up and try the alcohol method next time I purchase another flat top powder brush.
  10. Target also carries E.L.F... I got a couple of makeup brushes for really cheap
  11. ^That's good to know. I've tried ordering from them before and it took awhile for my orders to arrive.
  12. I like to buy a new foundation brush from e.l.f. every year for applying face masks with. It's nice for me bc I do a face mask at least once a week, every week and I feel like it's best applied with a brush and I don't want to use my MAC brushes for it!
  13. I recently bought the complexion brush, flat top powder brush, and face kabuki from the studio line. The complexion brush is great for blush. I've been using the powder brush to stipple liquid foundation and it is awesome, even better than a MAC brush I have. The kabuki is pretty comparable to the MUFE kabuki.
  14. I purchased elf for the first time recently. I got the smokey eyeshadow book and the glitter eyeshadow book for $5. Im impressed with the quality vs price.. its basically a middle end product for a low end price. The glitters are pretty pigmented.. and even more-so when applied wet. The smokey shadows seem like basic middle end smokey shadows. But you get quite a variety for $5?? Cant beat that. Only complaint is the shadows seem super compresesd.. so I have to dig a lot to get a fair amount on.
  15. i'm dying to get the Kabuki face brush. i've been to 3 Targets and 1 K-Mart and i can't find it :sad:

    has anyone been able to find it in a store or has everyone ordered it online?? Thanks!