ELF eyes lips face cosmetics opinions?

  1. Hey ladies, I just heard of eyes lips face cosmetics aka e.l.f. cosmetics. I did a search but nothing came up. I wanted to know if any of you ladies have tried their make up or specifically eyeliners & eyeshadows? At their prices its such a steal! :nuts: So ladies any opinions about there products or what you just think of selling eyeshadow for $1? :graucho: I'm kinda of a skeptic (maybe because I love MAC & Chanel makeup?!) Whats your thoughts?

    Heres the website: http://www.eyeslipsface.com/
  2. I use them and personally love some of their products. The eyeliners are the same. Mascara is a bit gloopier and harder than the more expensive brands. Powders are ok, tend to not last as long and you need to keep reapplying.

    The thing about the price is that the sizes are smaller as well.
  3. Really? Like sample size? Even the eyeliners and eyeshadow?
  4. Has anyone used their primer?
  5. I've tried it, I try to only use makeup/shampoo that has not been tested on animals and I saw that they fall under that category. I don't recommend it though, it just felt (and looked) so cheap.
  6. I do like a few things in their line, like the lip glosses, which I think are definitely worth it. I do not however like the clear mascara/brow gel (very gloopy), or the blotting papers (horrible).

    I would check for reviews on MUA, though, there is lots of info. there on e.l.f. :smile:
  7. I wouldnt recommend this brand for primer, foundation, or powder. I think you stick to high end brands (MAC, Chanel, Dior, etc), this is your face and should be careful.
  8. i have two eye shadow brushes from the studio collection that i love. i don't see them on the site atm though.

    i also love the studio shadows and the bronzer/blush duo (a dupe for nars laguna/orgasm duo). you have to blend well, but overall, they're definitely worth the money for those on a budget.

    i have heard really bad reviews on the eye liners (no pigment), but have only tried the two particular brushes i mentioned, plus the shadows and cheek duo.
  9. I love the Studio brushes, the Studio Warm and Golden Bronzers and the Studio eye shadows.
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    I maybe completely different from the masses but I absolutely love this company. All of my makeup is elf. It does completely depend on the person though. If you are used to expensive high end cosmetics you probably would think elf's products are garbage.

    Their eye primer (the mineral line one or the newer $1 one) is really good. My shadows last from morning to night and I tend to have oily lids. The studio primer isn't the greatest. The new face primer they have is really good, I would compare it to smashbox's photo finish (I do have the photo finish which I rarely use).

    Their shadows have good pigmentation. I did swatches of the dollar line and studio line on this thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/make-up/swatch-thread-all-other-brands-544108.html
    I have all of the mineral line shadows but haven't done swatches.
    There cream duo shadows are great as bases.

    I love their blushes because they add such a pretty sweep of color to your cheeks. I have all of the mineral blushes and all of the $1 ones.

    Their studio brushes are nice IMO too. The studio kabuki is a brush I use everyday as well as the powder brush, blush brush. I don't use them exactly how they say though.

    The eyeliners are not that bad. They have several different ones. The pencil liners do tug a little. The felt tip liners are great but after a while dry out (which is typical). The liquid liners have serious pigment. The mineral liners are creamy. They just came out with cream liners which I haven't tried.

    I would say 99% of my makeup is elf. I don't work for them I just love them. For their prices you can't complain. They always have coupons too for 50% off or sometimes even up to 75% off. I got all my mineral shadows for 90 cents each. Like I said a lot of people might differ with me but too each his own.

    Oh I forgot to add that their stuff is not really sample size. Some of the products are pretty big. IMO you wouldn't want a gigantic something that you don't use up and have to toss because of bacteria.
  11. I love their cucumber melon moisturizing handcream...perfect for putting on after coming in from the cold....:smile:
  12. I got curious about this brand a couple years back and bought ALL of their regular brushes and all the mineral makeup available.

    used a few times and never again. Not for a particular reason other than I have a LOT of makeup and own MAC brushes anyway :biggrin:

    I then got their studio line brushes and I'm AMAZED. These brushes are AWESOME!!!

    so in order to try them, I went back to their mineral makeup two days ago and been wearing that daily since. Only two days though. Still, it's awesome!!!

    I would really recommend their brushes from studio line and now I'm trying to see what "good" brands for mineral makeup are out there.
  13. About 2 years ago my friend got an email that said e.l.f. was being bought out by some higher end company, and that they were selling all the products very cheap to get rid of old packaging, and urged readers to buy now before the pricing went up. It was a total hoax, but me and my friend fell for it. I ordered some mineral foundation, the sheer mineral powder (similar to BE's mineral veil), 2 kabuki brushes and a bunch of mineral eyeshadows. I found the kabukis to be rather stiff and scratchy compared to the Bare Escentuals brand, and the mineral foundation and powder did not match my skin whatsoever. BUT the eyeshadows...!!! They by far made up for my disappointment in the other stuff. Now, I got the mineral eyeshadows that were $3, not $1. They're loose shadows in little sifter pots. They have great pigment and last all day on me. I like them better than the Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals brand. My fave by far is "elegant." My friend placed our order, and some of her stuff didn't ship. She had a heck of a time with customer service and swore she'd never order from there again, and to my knowledge, hasn't. In addition to that order, I've bought a couple lip glosses from Burlington coat factory. They both had great color, and lasted a long time, but I thought they were very sticky. I say if you're considering trying some eyeshadow, go for it! For $1-$3, you really can't go wrong!
  14. i just bought a few things and got them in the mail today...i got a few eye liners, eye shadows, studio palette perfection and the studio shimmering palette and a few brushes. so i will try all my goodies and let you guys know what i think :smile: