ELF Cosmetics-- I got mine! Reviews here, post yours!

  1. Alright, so who wouldn't turn down getting 14 things for $15 with shipping? I had to try!

    I got:

    -Eyeliner in coffee colour (Good stuff. Eyeliner is eyeliner to me. It doesn't smudge so far, so I like it)

    -Nail Polish Remover Pads

    -Eye Makeup Remover Pads

    -Travel Mirror (Very handy!)

    -Eye Widener (does actually make your eyes look brighter and bigger!)

    -Bronzing/Blushing/Blending Brush (nice and soft)

    -Smudge Eye Brush

    - Warm Tan Bronzer (this is very pretty)

    -Plumping Lip Gloss in Mocha Ice (OK, it "plumps" by using menthol, which definitely works, but it smells HORRID.)

    -Concealer (i like this, it's in a tube with a sponge applicator like lip gloss, wet-to-dry)

    -Hypershine Lip Gloss Box Set of 8 (This is GREAT. Several of the colours are LOVELY-- though I think the colour vixen is this horrid slutty red IMHO, the "fairy" and "blossom" colours are beautiful)

    -All-Over Colour and Concealer Stick (havent tried this yet)

    Who else got stuff? This is just what I've used so far and my reviews, and I think the stuff is well worth $1 each!
  2. I also love ELF.com, they have free promos all the time, and on top of that, their stuff is $1 each and its not junk either, its all worth it!!! I love ELF!
  3. Wow!! I can't believe these purchases. Elf is new news to me...sorry if I'm behind. do they make their own stuff? I will check right now. P.s. does their eye makeup remover remove waterproof mascara?
  4. I ordered a bunch of lip glosses, I just got them today and they are really sticky, Im not to excited about it :sad:
  5. The box set of lip glosses I got aren't sticky at all.

    The eye makeup remover pads do remove waterproof mascara.
  6. i purchased:

    eyelash curler (liking it although it won't be replacing my shu-but still for 50 cents i can't really complain :nogood:)

    sponge wedges (hate these-they smell like skunks-seriously!! :confused1:)

    eyeshadow set (it's white, purple, and two shades of pink-nicely pigmented, creamy texture-definitely worth the fifty cents! :tup:)

    foundation brush (not bad but i'm still in love with my mac 187-mainly got this just cuz i felt like it :p)

    eyeshadow brush (surprisingly, i'm liking this a lot-i'd recommend it!)

    eye smudge brush (from the image online i thought this would be a brush, but it's actually a sponge tip. fine for smuding eyeliner/lining eye with eyeshadow-again worth the fifty cents).

    i didn't purchase the eye make-up remover pads but they included them-they seem to work fine.

    overall i'm very happy! :yes:
  7. How can they offer stuff at such a bargain price! And I thought Avon was the greatest.
  8. I'm glad you posted this thread, Sarah!

    I ordered:

    Eye make up remover pads--2 of them, because I never take my eye make up off and always wind up rubbing it in my eyes every morning. Figured I'd stock up.

    Nail polish remover pads-- Can't go wrong with them!!

    Eyeliner in black-- Glad to hear yours is satisfactory since I hate the eyeliner I have now

    Lip Balm in Strawberry Creme-- I try to stay away from ELF lipgloss because it does have a tendency to be sticky and not smell too good. I don't like the texture at all. Their lip balm is good though.

    Eyelash curler-- I desperately needed one of these and for .50 you can't beat it!

    Blush brush-- Their brushes are really very good

    Train case-- Perfect for my Everyday Minerals!!

    The only thing I'm pissed about is that when I ordered, they didn't have nailpolish and now they do!!! Has anybody tried their nailpolish??
  9. ohhh nailpolish? I told them in the comment section they should offer it, LoL I didnt see it either.
  10. I got my ordered also.. and these are the items I already tried:
    - Moisture Care Lip Colour (pink lemonade) - I LOVE the color!!!!!! and it stays good!!!
    - eyeliner (black) - works great! doesn't smudge. same quality with my $15 eyeliner
    - Plumping lip glaze - pretty good.. I like the mint feeling
    - Eye shadow (drama) - great color!! perfect to create smokey eyes!!
    - Lip liner - so far so good.
    - mascara duo - really good!! doesn't smudge!!

    so overall.. I am VERY satisfied w/ my purchase. GREAT products, can't beat the price!!!
    Yeah.. I just found out they have nailpolish.. must try that.. I guess I'll just go to Target coz it's faster to get it! LOL.
    LOVE ELF!!!
  11. what is the website?? I tried elf.com but it didnt work. :sad:
  12. ^^^It's www.eyeslipsface.com

    My most recent order that just shipped gave me a credit for a missing item. I hope it's not my eyelash curler! I'll be sooo pissed.
  13. Ohhh Im in sooooo much trouble with this line! I just purchased pretty much everything they have lmao! $30.00 worth of things:upsidedown:
  14. Why are the stuff so cheap?
  15. my order was missin 4 things, They sent me a note with my package saying I would be refunded within 2 weeks....