ELF Cosmetics - Free Shipping, Limited Time

  1. Okay,,this make-up costs $1. What is wrong with it? Don't mean to sound cynical..but ?
  2. A lot of people compare the makeup to Chanel-even the brushes! I ordered almost everything they offer lmao. They just shipped it today, so I dont have a personal review on the product. But I have faith that it will be well worth the money(plus some).
  3. I ordered tons of stuff (lip gloss, lipliner, lipstick, lip balm, make up, powder, brushes, mascara, eye shadow, eye liner...) last time with the discount code and it's a very good quality, I love the colours and I especially love the brushes. I would definitely recommend all their products - and so does my best friends make up artist, too :tup:
  4. I also ordered tons of stuff - - have only used a few items so far, but so far, so good!