Elezar handbags-- have you guys heard of this?

  1. I was just wondering if anyone here owns a bag from this line-- they had a sample sale online and bags were all $75 (from 200-395 retail). I ordered the Boskin-- looks really cute and the leather looks luscious! Just want to shop around if people has heard of this brand...
  2. I've never heard of these, is it only available in USA?
  3. I think they just launched in 2005 or something and based in NYC & Chicago. They handmade their bags in New York and from my "research" they're not mainstream yet that they don't mass produce.... I'm not much of celebrity-trend person but in their site it seems like the celebs has caught on..

    Try to search ELEZAR in the Deals & Steals-- maybe the sample sale stuff is still on-- for $75 (worth 395), I'll give this brand a try... and the designer herself will answer your email if you contact them.

  4. I want to post a photo but it doesn't work!!!!
  5. I have never seen them before - but they look cool, I think.
  6. How do you post a photo here?????
  7. Their bags are fabulous! The leather is great and the linings are always wondeful prints! I ordered 2 more, will post pics when they arrive. They are not mass produced and small with a celeb following.

    Elezar Handbags
  8. BorsaBella-- which ones did you get? I got the small Boskin and it looks super cute-- it's kinda weird though why their site only shows the Morgan....
  9. Boskin, too and a clutch (forgot the name). This is only what is made at the moment I think. The other styles are sold out or only available in the boutiques that carry their line. Maybe calling the boutiques on the website, you can see what they have available.
  10. Double post-I bought the navy Boskin and it's really good quality leather and constuction with a cute lining!
  11. :yes:
  12. Hey girls, for those you who got Elezar bags, I was wondering how they're holding up? I've been looking at the large Morgan and the Vivi bags and was also wondering about the quality. Also, does anyone have pics? TIA!
  13. I have the large morgan and it is the perfect bag, not heavy, great leather, with tons of pockets. It even fits my laptop! It is also holding up beautifully. I am really hard on bags and I have had it for over a year so...

    I think the Vivi line is new because I did not see it on their site before but did you see that piece on them on Extra! The bags look gorgeous and Eco-friendly distressed looking. Never saw that before, it looks real.

    If someone buys that part of their line, write an update. I would love to hear about it. Thanks.
  14. The prices are pretty great. 75$ on most bags. I have had one for 2 years and its still in great shape. I got the it girl small and love it. Wish they were in stores but for that price...