Eleven years since my last Hermes bag purchase...

  1. Would love to see your two bags together! Nostalgia girl....pics plz if you don't mind. Raisin and Etain are my two favorite colors.
  2. And of course, CONGRATS!
  3. Wow 11 years! You definitely have good discipline (which i need to learn!) Congrats on such a beautiful kelly! I love etain :smile:

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  4. Congrats, it’s a beautiful bag!
  5. First, congratulations for your new Kelly. Iam happy you finally got what you wanted. If iam not mistaken, I think you posted your dilemma about selling B to help for the wedding costs ? I read it somewhere in a forum a couple of years ago. Either I read an old thread of yours or someone else with the same dilemma
  6. Thank you very much :smile:
  7. So beautiful congratulation , i have the same color in sellier , it suits everything.
    It is always worthwhile to wait for the right color and size, although sometimes it is not so easy.
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  8. stunning, congratulations!
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  9. Thank you! Not a problem, here are the two together:
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  10. Thank you! Yes that was me who posted about debating selling my B so many years ago. I was putting my box away and looked at the receipt for my B which was still in its box - paid $6150 for it back in 2005 - so actually almost 13 years since my last purchase!! So glad he saw reason and didn’t make me sell it!
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  11. It’s gorgeous. Enjoy!
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  12. So beautiful, I have the evelyene GM in etain, I would love for my next hermes to be raisin. May you wear those in good health. Awesome bags and colors. thanks for the pics. They really are lovely.
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  13. Wow, I love that price! So happy you didn't have to sell it.
  14. I wish I had the $$ to buy more back then!!
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  15. O
    Oohh.. Very lovely H duo. Both of them are worth the wait. Quiet elegance bags in neutral color which not easy to come by. May I ask if you have a regular SA and regularly buy H accesories from her before being offered K or B? Thank you.