Eleven years since my last Hermes bag purchase...

  1. Yes I bought my Birkin in 2006 and hadn’t bought another Hermes bag since! Finally last year my husband felt we were financially in a place where I could get a Kelly. Over the past year I bought a few small items to show my renewed interest in the brand. In between, I kept turning down offers waiting for just the right bag, and finally was offered my holy grail!
    Introducing my K28 in Etain. Thank you for letting me share, I can’t get over my excitement :smile:

  2. Holy grails are nice to find. Enjoy! It's lovely!
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  3. Really beautiful, congratulations!
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  4. Stunning and a great choice for you and the wardrobe! Congrats!
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  5. Wow congrats!! I admire you resisting the tempation and holding out for exactly what you wanted. Beautiful combo.

    And wow, 11 years?!?!? Teach me your ways.

    (I'm trying to stay on Ban Island. My H wishlist has never been longer and it's only been 1 month!)
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  6. Gorgeous! So happy for you--and I actually remember when your beautiful Raisin B was new (back when we were on another website).:smile:
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  7. 11 years??
    I can't even pass thru 11 days itch haha
    Very happy and excited for you
    You must enjoy this elegant k
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  8. Beautiful HG!
    BIG congrats!! :drinks::drinks:
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  9. So beautiful! Congrats!!!
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  10. Thanks! I was so happy with my Birkin but also had a lot of life changes that kept me distracted. That and lack of money

    Thank you! Yes you must remember!! It’s been so long! I remember having Birkin fever...and back then the prices were much more palatable.

    Haha it was tough but definitely worth the wait! Thank you!
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  11. Wow that’s awesome that you were able to score an HG after an 11 yr hiatus!!! So happy for you as the bag is perfect!!!
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  12. Thank you everyone! I guess with patience you can eventually get exactly what you want!
  13. Admire your resolve to wait for the perfect one! Congrats! Enjoy your beauty.
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  14. Congrats on your HG and kudos to you on the resolve to wait! Extra special since you and your DH feel ready for H again!
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  15. Congratulations on the beautiful Kelly! She's well worth the wait.
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