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  1. Hi girls! I do not have a elephant dooney bag.
    What style do you think shows this color best?
    Thanks for your input. I think elephant is next on my list.ill maybe wait till the fall bags come out.
  2. I have the zip zip satchel in saffiano leather in elephant and it's just stunning! My favorite of all my dooneys! Elephant color in saffiano looks amazing.. just my opinion thought.. good luck in finding the perfect elephant color bag!: )
  3. I saw a Willa Satchel here in Elephant Saffiano that I also thought was beautiful.
  4. I have both saffiano and pebbled leather bags in Elephant, and while both are beautiful bags, I do like the pebbled leather more.
  5. I have its pebbled satchel in Elephant. She is very pretty IRL.

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  6. Thank you for your thoughts and pics. I will have a tough time picking a elephant bag for fall.
  7. MJ: with some colors, I think the choice of leather is really important. And for elephant, that might be very true. So decide on the leather and then the style. That would be my best advice. I saw pebbled leather in florescent lighting in the Dooney store and it was not appealing to me. Could have been the lighting or the leather or the fact that brown/mushroom is not high on my color choice list.

  8. Yes I think you are right about the type of leather. I thought I wanted my flo zip Barlow in elephant but the outlet didn't have it, so I got the chestnut which was not a mistake.
    I'm not a huge saffiano fan, so that's out.
  9. MJ: I'm not a huge saffiano fan either. But, some of the darker colors look fantastic in saffiano.... black, Bordeaux, to name just 2. They are amazing in saffiano. I'll bet the elephant is also very vibrant in saffiano. The darker colors in saffiano seem to reflect the light, rather than absorbing it the way other leathers do. Next time you are at the outlet take a look... just to be sure you want to rule it out.
  10. #10 Jun 4, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2016
    I hated Saffiano at one point too, admired others I had seen, then I spotted my Denim Saff Zip Zip at Lord & Taylor. I just loved the feel of the handles and the color. I have the Bordeaux as well. I would like the bone color but I have not ventured beyond the Saffiano Zip Zips. I will say that they are great when bad weather is expected. It is a go-to bag.
  11. Hi! Yes it's a no worries leather. I think the colors set it off like you say. I'll try looking at it next time.
    Thank you .

  12. Maybe they will come out with something in the fall and you'll just know when you see it that it's the one. I was also not a fan of saffiano at first, but now I really love it. I think I had to get used to the feel of it. Now I love mostly how it takes color and how classy and clean the bags look. I also love the carefree aspect and how the bags look new forever. I don't own an elephant bag, but seeing both at the outlet I prefer the saffiano elephant. I almost bought an elephant saffiano Willa, but I preferred the zip zip satchel so I passed, but it was Gorgeos. Good luck!
  13. Though the elephant looks gorgeous in various leathers, to me it looks most unique in florentine leather - it seems to really have that is it brown? is it grey? it really looks like an elephant! effect :smile: But I haven't seen it in person. I would like to tack on a question here - for those who have the elephant in florentine leather, does it get darker with age, or is it only the natural color florentine that gets darker?