Elephant Keyfob

  1. Does anyone know the style number of the new Elephant Keyfob? I really want it, but I don't see it online anywhere.
  2. Ya! It's 92154
  3. That is a really cute one, Kerri!
  4. could somoene post a pic, i've never seen it.
  5. Oh, I really want to see it also. When my two year old learned about monkeys, I had to get the monkey, now he is learning about elephants. I need that one now.
  6. Elephant was one of the first words my Son said when he was little. So elephants are dear to my heart. He is 5 years old now and so grown up in Kindergarten. ;)
  7. Here is a pic, from the drilldown, now that I have the style number...

  8. OMG that is too cute! I hope you find one!
  9. I just got one, Ordered it from Jax, used the item number, I been wanting this for awhile we just got back from the Alabama Bowl game so this will be my gift. Going to put it on my Wine bleecker!
  10. I love mine. It originally took three tries to get it and it finally shipped last month.
  11. After waiting for a month for the elephant keyfob to pop up on eBay and losing the one auction there was (but its okay because Taralindsey won!), I called JAX this afternoon and they still have some of the elephant keyfobs available! I should get mine next week! I'm so excited, its so darn cute! :yahoo: If anyone else wants one, now is the time to call!
  12. How much is it at Jax? Could you please put there phone number here, I have it saved on my laptop but I'm too lazy to go boot it up.
  13. k2sealer, how did you get that beautiful red large bleecker flap bag?
  14. I got my Elephant the other day!!! soooo cute!! If I would have waited I probably could have got one through JAX, LOL!

    I am impatient!
  15. cute elephant but I don't really know how to hang a keychain on my purse. I'm afraid I'll scratch my purse's hardware by winding the keyring around and around to get it on there. I wish this was a dogleash clip type, then that would work. I guess i'll pass...