Elephant color?

  1. I've been looking at RM for awhile now and never jumped the boat. Clutch in Seattle has a few elephant bags- one is a MAB mini and the matinee. I've read some things that this color is not so great? The prices are good- $288 and $313, but it is final sale. I am really looking at black or gray, something basic. Do you think the elephant fits that bill? I don't want to buy something just for the price. Any hope in finding a black, gray or dark blue matinee under $350, aside from a sample sale? I like the MAB Mini, but I am a shoulder bag type of person and that worries me.

    I'm also a little worried at the size of the matinee and read it looks large in elephant. Any thoughts?
  2. The elephant color is def neutral. It's thick and substantial not thin and light and it does scratch easily. I love the Elisha in elephant but think the MAB and Matinee look better with more color if that makes sense.
  3. I had the matinee in elephant and I thought it was way too huge! The color is definitely a neutral, a really pretty light brown kind of color. But the leather is much stiffer and heavier than other RM leathers and thus makes bags look bigger, in my opinion. I haven't seen the mini in elephant, so that might be better size-wise, but for my 5'3" frame, the elephant matinee was too much for an everyday bag. I would say that you should hold out for something you really love, even if you have to wait to save up a little more. If you want to risk one of the elephant bags, be prepared to sell it/give it away if you don't love it! Hope that helps a little!
  4. This is dogdoc's MAB in elephant:

  5. I agree with belleoftheball. I also had the matinee in elephant and didn't like it. It was too stiff and looked too big for me. Maybe in another bag it would work better, but it's the only RM leather I've tried that I didn't like.
  6. I have the matinee in Elephant, and love it. It is such a gorgeous color and the color and texture of the leather is gorgeous against the matching suede. The leather is stiffer, thicker and heavier than the other RM leathers, so that is something to be prepared for. But the leather does soften and break in nicely over time. It is also the type of leather that looks better with wear, gains a nice patina, and the scratches and scuffs give it character.

    I like it so much that I've ordered the Getaway tote to go with my matinee for travel.
  7. ^Im lovin this color too! Its like a very soft, pretty and feminine khaki that would be so versatile with so many different kinds of outfits!
  8. Yes I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color of my elephant MAB! I am, however, hoping that the leather breaks in alot cuz it is a little stiff. I'm optimistic, cuz (long story short) my sample sale bag was significantly less stiff than the brand new one I had.

    Notice how well it matches the color of our couch? LOL I find the color very soothing and it is definitely a gorgeous neutral.

    That's a great price for the MAM! Size-wise, I kind of wish I'd gotten a mini instead of a regular but I don't think the size difference is huge, and the regular straps seem to fit better on the shoulder.