Elephant Cell Phone Charm

  1. My SA showed me this yesterday (pic from Japan site):


    It's VERY detailed and the rhinestones are on BOTH sides. VERY cute!
  2. ooohh I love it!
  3. wow, looks like Coach is creating the entire jungle. Its cute.
  4. love it... the rhinestones look like they may fall out though...
  5. It is item #92133, also showing up on drilldown.
  6. That is really cute! Any ideas on price?
  7. omg that is so CUTE!~!! my cousin would love that, i MUST get it for her!!!

    any more info on this?!?!?!?!
  8. yikes....that red rhinestone as the eye scares me!!! it makes the elephant look evil.
  9. very cute, but I'd worry that the stones would fall out
  10. just to fyi you girls, the diamonds probably will fall out eventually. i have a cell lanyard with a silver star and diamonds in it. two diamonds have fallen it since i bought it 10 months ago. same with my best friend, who has diamond decorated flowers on her coach cell strap.
  11. Cute!
  12. very cute!
  13. It is really cute.
  14. why did i thikn you said eggplant cell phone charm?? i love eggplants!!
  15. haha thats so cute. the paw lanyard is still one of my favourites though!