Elena Perminova

  1. She is actually from my home town, isn't that strange....
  2. That's how she met her bf. She was in jail and her father wrote him a letter asking for help. I guess the rest is history.
  3. OMG I'm shocked!
  4. I was too, at first!

  5. OMG:wtf:!! <--- that the only word that can describe my statue right now +plus shocked!
    i wonder how mira hangs out with her?!:thinking:
    Cuz Mira look like the good-goody girl :angel:
  6. As much as I know (and please correct me if I am wrong) it's usual and normal in Russia for women being with much older men.
  7. Yea and Celine Dion is Russian girl???
  8. vkontakte.ru/photo2380220_167038519
  9. I really like her.But what do you think? Does this girls have secret stylist?:smile:)
  10. I am sure not!:nono::yahoo:
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    she looks stunning everywhere :nuts: