Elemis products--Any good?

  1. I was at the SF Nordies today and discovered the new Elemis skincare line they are carrying. The SA told me Elemis is a UK brand and only premier spas carried the line before the roll-out to Nordstrom.

    I tried a few of the products and they definitely smelled good (it's all natural ingredients I think). But can anyone comment on the quality of the products? I'm interested in the masks and the moisturizer. TIA!!
  2. I love the body lotion and I have alot of their supplements. I really like the products. My SIL loves them! We went on a cruise and this was the only thing they carried on board. We got hooked.
  3. DH and I went on a Meditterranean cruise and the spa on board used Elemis products. I had a pedicure and they used one of the oils on my legs and feet and it was AMAZING!!! I can't remember exactly which one it was, but it smelled heavenly and my feet were soft and smooth for weeks!!! I should have brought a bottle home with me!
  4. I was in Las Vegas lst week and had a facial by Laurie at the Paris hotel spa. It was one of the best facial I ever had. The skin care products used was ELEMIS + Freeze 24/7. My skin was amazing, I could not believe my eyes. I now have purchased the lines and love both products. BTW as an image consultant I test skin care products quite often, ELEMIS is worth the try. A bit pricey but you can find some great discounts online.
  5. I think a lot of their products are overpriced and overhyped, but there are a couple which I use regularly. Most of the products contain high levels of botanicals, which can be irritating to many skins (my skin hates lavender, which is always touted as being so soothing, so their SOS Emergency Cream was a disaster for me).

    The Sensitive Skin Cleansing Wash is the only cleanser that gets my face clean without upsetting it or drying it out.

    The Milk Bath is the only thing I can put in my bath (I use it as a rare treat, I can only normally shower with dermatologist-prescribed gunk "Emulsifying ointment BP")
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    I tried some Elemis products, but every item I tried irritated my skin and caused serious itching and redness––even the hand/body cream. I know this is a popular line, but I would say that if you have sensitive or reactive skin, you should try samples sparingly until you're sure your skin can tolerate the products.

    I'm very interested in skincare lines that are more "natural," and I've been using Arcona products for a while (though I avoid all their products that contain witch hazel), and I've been really impressed with them. And I've recently started using some items from the Dr. Dennis Gross MD Skincare range, and I've been favorably impressed with them. (Nordies carries both of these lines, so you could discuss them w/your SA there. And you can look up ingredient lists and reviews online.) Good luck as you continue your research and decide which items to try.
  7. ^ My skin has been very dehydrated and irritated the past few months. I think I will try the Sensitive Skin Cleansing Wash. Thanks for the rec!
  8. I'm not a huge fan of their facial products - I've had ELEMIS facials, and while it smelled REALLY good, it did NOTHING to change/improve my skin...facials I've had with other product ranges (Yon-ka, Dermalogica, DIBI) always result in an improvement in my skin's appearance.
  9. I have used Elemis products in the past. The cleanser and toners irritated my skin (I'm allergic to essential oils). The only thing that I think is worth buying from Elemis is their Milk Bath. You can use it in the bath or shower (it doesn't foam, so if you like bubbles this is no good), as a moisturiser head to toe, hair treatment and also as a cleanser.