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  1. I recently made a purchase of a christian dior handbag and sunglasses. I was extremely skeptical, and thinking to myself I am probably going to be sending this back asap. BUT to my surprise, my bag and sunglasses were REAL! I was totally excited, after I had my bag inspected to ensure authenticity. I am totally looking forward to doing business with them again. Also Ive found great items on ashford.com, smartbargains.com, bluefly.com and sometimes overstock.com. I hope this will help guide your shopping experiences.

  2. Thank you dana..actually I ordered something from ashford (prada trick) and actually really liked it..but i am always still skeptical no matter what,unless it is from an authorized seller..I still always question whether it is real or a "super fake"..
  3. have you ever check the site Intrends.com
  4. I am a huge fan of ashford.com. When Im in the market for a right hand diamond ring, I will be purchasing my diamond from that site. Smartbargains.com is a very close second behind Ashford.com because of the product range they carry. not only can you get couture accessories, but you can get very high thread count sheets for unspeakable prices. I ordered tons of the sheet set as gifs.
  5. no I just recently heard of them, but I haven't checked them out. I will soon and hopefully post my opinion of what I think.
  6. Also here is excellent way of telling if the website your shopping on is REAL... If they advirtise in magazines Ex. Bluefly.com Smartbargains. com OR if they advirtise on tv. Ex. OverStock.com The FCC would not allow a fake site to be able to advirtise. Besides if the truth got out about a website selling fakes, they would not be in business for long.
  7. hey,
    Have any of you ever used this website? Are the products authentic?

  8. Does anybody know of a discounted (authentic) site for the Marc Jacobs Elise bag?
  9. I'm sorry but this website sells fakes. :tdown:
  10. thanks. Do you know of any website that sells "real" marc jacobs bags at a discount?
  11. There are no websites that I am aware of that sell new authentic Marc Jacobs bags at a discount. Your best bet would be to wait until the sales in summer and winter or to check Off 5th or NM Last Call. Another option is eBay but most of the Elise bags on there currently are fake. If you do find one you are interested in be sure to post the link in the --- Authenticate This MJ --- thread for us to check out for you. Good luck!
  12. bought MJ blake in here. actually i read it right after i ordered it from there..

    i was very concerned. it was bit long to get my bag(international shipping), but i it was real. i took it to the store to check. :tup:
  13. Please don't advertise on here..
  14. Welcome! I would not buy from this site. They do not list a physical address anywhere -- so you will have a hard time tracking them down if you get a fake. They also charge a 15% restocking fee, which in my opinion is BS.

    Nothing about this site gives me confidence that they sell authentic merchandise.