Elektra strap hardware broke off

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  1. I recently purchased a Prada Elektra in Rome. This being my first premier designer purchase, I was terrified to use it and kept it in the bag for a month after we returned home. I finally got up the nerve to use the bag and the strap hardware broke on the 4th day of use. Luckily there is a slight workaround with the clasp so I can still use the bag. I contacted Prada and after a few days the local store (250 miles away) said I could mail the bag to them for repair, which can take 6-8 weeks. I had a long conversation with the SA, who finally agreed that I could send the strap only for repair. Then I received an email from Prada that said I would be responsible for the cost of shipping and repair. WTF?!

    Any first hand experience in dealing with product quality issues / repairs? Right now I'm wishing I had purchased at Nordstrom where I could exchange the darn thing.
    edit: top photo is what the hardware intact, second photo is the broken side.

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  2. While I don't think this is good customer service, to ask you to pay for the repair, there may be a chance that the repair is covered if you mail a photocopy of the receipt along with your strap. The company may determine that the bag is still within the period where this could not result from normal wear and tear.

    Given that it is better to repair the strap than to leave it as is, I suggest mailing the strap in and seeing how it goes.