Electronics trade-in programs?

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  1. I know circuit city does this... but i don't have a circuit city anywhere near me... so i'm just curious if anyone knows of any other companies that will take computers, ipods, cell phones...anything electronic... and trade it in for gift cards?

    anyone know if apple provides a service like this? best i could find on their website is that you can send your stuff to them and they're just recycle it, but no mention of giving you money for the item.
  2. i need to rephrase that circuit city DID have a program like that..since they went out of business and their website is no longer functioning
  3. I was about to mention the fact that Circuit City is going out of business and closing. I didn't know they did that though. I wish I would have known. LOL!

    My friend used to send his stuff to some website but I can't remember the name. I'll try to contact them and get the info.

    Also, you can sometimes sell old stuff on eBay. Other people sometimes buy them just to take them apart for the parts (to fix other things, etc).
  4. It depends on what electronic items you want to trade in. I know bestbuy does it with at least cell phone.
  5. Best Buy will take just about everything! I don't remember the website, but I'm sure you can google it!
  6. the Best Buy employee auction site has a program (not sure if it's something that has expanded to the regular website). the employee auction site is now open to anyone invited by someone with a login (which i have, since i used to be an employee). if you'd like to take a look at it, just PM me your email addy.