Tech Electronic Trade-in Programs

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has every done this?? I know there are different companies out there and even some stores offer their own.

    Just curious which ones you have had success with.

    I know best buy has their own. i put in my almost brand new dslr camera (just for kicks) - i have all the originals plus an extra lens and they would only give me about $200

    i then discovered (whom target is working with now) and did the same thing, only they didn't ask about an extra lens and they said they would give me over $600

    i looked into selling my old blackberry storm with nextwork. they only asked if it was cracked or broken so i put "no" however the sides are scratched but they didn't ask about scratches or 'wear' and they said they would give me $50.
    so i'm wondering... if i send it in with the quote of $50 what happens if they feel it's scratched too much?
  2. I'm guessing they'll contact you and tell you exactly what it's worth before sending you the money???
  3. I'd recommend, they are a reputable company :smile:
  4. that's what i wonder... and i couldn't find any FAQ on their website. do they just send you a check without notice for what it's worth or give you the option to get it back?
    but they pay for shipping so i guess it doesn't hurt to try.
  5. thanks kat - i'll check out that site.

    nextworth is teaming up with target so i guess that means they're pretty reputable? i guess in some target stores you can just go in the store and take your stuff and they'll give you target cards in exchange for the stuff.

    hmm... i like that gazelle says they wipe clean every electronic of personal data when they get it. not that i wouldn't try to do that myself before sending them something, but it kinda makes you feel better.