Books & Music Electronic readers vs. old fashioned books

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E-readers vs. books

  1. I have an electronic reader and use it a lot

  2. I have an electronic reader but still read books

  3. I don’t have an electronic reader but want one/plan to get one

  4. I don’t have an electronic reader and don’t want one/don’t plan to get one

  5. Other

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  1. Which do you have? Which do you prefer? For those who have stuck to books, do you plan to "upgrade"?
  2. I have downloaded a lot of books on my ipad, but have never read any. I guess I prefer old fashioned books, but like knowing that I can access just about any book I want electronically.
  3. I have my sony e-reader and love it - on it I can read books that haven't been published here and been translated so it's great. I love collecting books so I'll stop reading regular books.
  4. I voted, "I don’t have an electronic reader and don’t want one/don’t plan to get one."

    This is somewhat of a personal conflict for me. On one hand, I am gadget-y, on the other, as I get older, I am experiencing a growing disdain for certain technologies.

    Reading a book is more than the words. It is also the feel and smell of the paper, the weight of the book, holding open the pages. It is the same for reading a newspaper versus reading news on the web.

    I doubt I will ever get an e-reader.
  5. I am a serious book collector so I was not going to get an e-reader no way. Then my hubby got me one as a gift. It is amazing. 99% of the books I read (and I read a lot) are not the type of books I collect. These books were all over my house in boxes and I didn't know what to do with them. Now I buy these books on my Kindle and when I am done I delete them. Easy. I still collect the signed limited editions I always have and they go into book cases. I even sometimes buy the Kindle version so the books never have to be unwrapped. My K3 is super light. I can hold up it in one hand and turn pages easily. This leaves the other hand for petting of cats for the most part. LOL I love them both and wouldn't give up either one.
  6. One of my best friends, and avid reader, got one, and he tells me he LOVES it.
  7. I just got my Nook and I love it! I always thought I would hate reading on a "machine" but since there isn't a backlight, reading is really easy! No headaches! (and I get headaches easily!)
  8. i like my old fashioned books but DH travels a lot so he wants a nook or kindle
  9. I don't have an e-reader yet... I'm still debating as to which one I want. Even when I have one, I will still read "real" books as well as ebooks.

    I'm reading Fall of Giants by Ken Follett. It is 985 pages and weighs a ton... not something I can easily carry with me. On an e-reader, though, I could read it anywhere. On the other hand, I can't loan it to a friend after I've read it. See my dilemma?

    My son is in Freshman Honors English and is reading a lot of novels... a lot of them are classics... which can be downloaded for free as they are in public domain.

    There are also websites where you can download a new author's book for free. Getting a book published is a huge longshot and lots of authors are allowing free downloads to build their audience so that they may get published later.

    There are also free books to download on major websites from authors who I may not buy the physical book but I'd give it a chance for free.
  10. I have a Kindle, but I still prefer real books. I got a Kindle because I travel abroad a lot for school/work.

    I spent two months out of the U.S. this summer, and over that time I read 15 books. I just can't carry 15 books in my suitcase so the Kindle is a nice lightweight alternative that allows me to read what I want to read while not having to bring an extra suitcase.

    When I'm at my house, I prefer to read actual books, but I own so many books (I'm a grad student) that having the option to read & store them electronically is a nice space saver.

  11. My thoughts exactly!
  12. Too late to edit but I should have posted that I'll never stop reading or collecting regular books!
  13. I get books from the library. While I like the idea of an e-reader, the problem for me is that the downloads don't cost much less than a regular book and you can't pass it on/donate/sell, etc.
  14. Wow I didn't know you could get free books!
  15. I have an Apple iPad which I love and I wanted to love reading on it but personally I will always prefer the thrill of opening a new book, browsing for books, the smell of the paper:blush: etc. I might use the ebooks on a plane but I don't think I could ever stop buying books.:nuts: