Electronic Muscle Stimulation

  1. Ok, this seems to be all the rage, at least in Eruope. Who among us has tried it? Does it work, is it benificial?
  2. Is this the same thing as the ab muscle thingie that was huge in the US a while back??
  3. i never tried it,the advertising says that it makes you loose weight, but once i read on the back of the box and it said that you get the best effects if you associate with a diet and exercise....at this point i can't understand what's the use, if you don't have to eat and have to go to the gym!

  4. not sure....honestly...this is something that sends a message to your nerves and contracts your muscles....I was skeptical, and then a rep for "slendertone" put it on my arm and it contracted by itself....ohhhhh creepy! Is that like the ab muscle thing you are speaking of, Megs? I think there might actually be something to it...

    I like your dog and your bag, by the" way=)
  5. ^ Why thank you!!! Nitro is handsome and the bag is divine!!! Is that your cat??

    How this thing works that I know about is that is was a pad (kind of like the size of a heating pad) that you put on your stomach and turn it on and it makes your stomach muscles contract. This was supposed to make your abs very strong by the machine contracting the muscles for you.

    If you have ever done physcial therapy it is like the STEM machine patients need with injuries kind of. It sends waves to the muscles....

    It was a big big fad around here for a while, until they figured out it could cause problems. Then it was off the market and new fads came along.

    Does that ring a bell??
  6. The reason you why don't see a lot of ads anymore for those electrostimulation ab belts is because the FTC started cracking down on the manufacturers for making false claims about weight loss.

  7. thank you for the feedback...and the link armcandyluvr.

    yes, Megs, it does ring a bell, what were the problems they found associated with it?....

    Still looking for solutions for my friend with MS...she thought this might be ok...I am like...oh no, I think something tells me this is a very bad idea for someone with a neurological disorder, but, her doctor says it is ok...do you think she needs a new neuro?

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