Electronic gadgets you love

  1. The Verizon Aircard... it's like traveling with your own internet!! And it's only about $10 more a month than my AT&T DSL line.

    I also love my Blackberry.

    What are your favorite gadgets?
  2. I have a work blackberry (aka my ball and chain) that I unfortunately can't live without, and I LOVE my iPhone and pocket digital camera!
  3. i love my iPod Touch. the multitouch interface is amaaaaaazing :smile: i take it everywhere and i have it hooked up so it plays through my car speakers. plus it allows me to check email and do other miscellaneous internet errands on campus without hauling out my laptop (not that my macbook pro isn't absolutely lovely...)
  4. i looooooooove my ipod touch!! i got the upgrade and i love the email feature. and i love being able to put all of my photos on it too!! as soon as i get the money i will get getting a car stereo that has the ipod hook up

    i also love my cell phone. i have the LG voyager. but i usually love any cell phone i have!

    and we just bought a new company camera.. a canon powershot S51S.. i've only taken a couple of pictures with it just to test it out but i immediately fell in love! way better than my canon digital elph camera.
  5. i really like my ipod touch. i need to do the upgrade so it can be a fully functional pda.

    and i'm very thankful for my LG rumor. i like that i have a full keyboard now.
  6. I LOVE my iPod! I have the 30 gig video and it rocks. Just need to get a Bose speaker cradle for the living room and I'm all set!

    Honestly, I'm very glad to be free of my Blackberry...my ex BF got me one when I was on his cell account and when we split last summer I got a new plan and new (slider) phone.

    I Loooove technology and have been blessed with the opportunity to work for years on the campus of a large software development company here in the area...after so many years deeply immersed in it I not only appreciate the benefits it brings to our lives (and the blood, sweat and tears to make it work), but also the joy of being UNPLUGGED.
  7. I'm in love with my Tivo :upsidedown:
  8. well I did love my iPhone, until my dog decided to chew it :sad:

    But I do still love my Sony UX!
  9. My Treo-- I don't know what I'd do without it :sweatdrop:...
  10. My Treo and DVR! I can watch all my guilty pleasure shows when DF is out of town!
  11. My portable GPS system. I travel a good bit for work and that thing is a life saver.

    Everyone seems to love their blackberries/smart phones! I am up for a new phone and can do one for free w/ my upgrade, but I am hesitant. It's like feeling too connected to the office and that kind of scares me!
  12. I am in love with my iPod Touch as well! I never would have thought I needed this but it rocks! :love: :love: And my Nintendo DS Lite! (Cooking Mama 2 is so fun). Also our Logitech universal remote. :love:
  13. My AT&T Tilt!
  14. My PSP - work would be so boring if I didn't have my PSP to play when I finish my job for the day, and my DVR.
  15. definitely my TiVo...i'm never home during the time my favorite tv shows are on and I love that I can pre-record everything and have it waiting for me when i get home. I usually eat dinner and watch some of the stuff i've recorded for myself!