electrolysis or laser?

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  1. Hi! I really need help I want to get rid of some facial hair but Im kind of confused, would a laser be better or electrolysis? I had about 3 treatment for laser a few years ago and it seemed to make the hair worse! should I go in for more treatments of laser or just do electrolysis? I dont know what to do!
  2. Wow how did it make the hair worse?
  3. I did electrolysis for many years and to be honest it did not do much. At the time it helped but now I have just as much facial hair as I did before. So at least for me it was a waste of money. I would try laser but my hair is to light.
  4. I have no idea how but I read somewhere that it does cause more hair growth on certain ethnicities for some reason..even the dermatologist that did the laser mentioned that for some people it made it worse but I thought she was joking....but beljwl yousaid with electrylosis the same thing happened...so it looks like im stuck with waxing which is such a pain and expensive because I have to do full face every week
  5. I have read a lot on this subject and most people agree that for facial hair electrolysis works better. Because the hair is so fine and usually not as dark as the hair on the rest of your body, they cannot use a high frequency (or you can get burned) with the laser. Therefore, instead of removing the hair, sometimes it just turns blond, and of course, it is extremely difficult to remove blond hair with a laser.

    I still think that waxing is probably the best/most economic method to remove facial hair but maybe you could try a small patch with the electrolysis to see if you get the desired results without breaking the bank.
  6. i have dark hair, and the hair on my face got coarser as i got into my 20s, so i had it lasered off last year and i'm very happy with the results. i still have some fine or blond hairs, but instead of tweezing for a long period of time every day, i now tweeze a couple hairs every few days. it has saved me a ton of time and hassle and was definately worth the money.

    that being said, i'm a fair-complected white girl with dark, coarse hair so i'm the perfect candidate for laser hair removal. the lasers that they use have come a long way in the past few years, so there are lasers out there that work on darker-skinned ethnicities, but not all derms or clinics will have them, so it's important to do your research.

    the laser that they used on me was the Candela, and like i said, it worked really well for me. it was one of the traditional, slightly painful lasers, but i didn't think it was that bad (i had my chin and jaw done).

  7. ^so true! I think thats what happened with me, alot of the hair is blond with black roots so I will try a patch with electrolysis and see what happens! Thank you ladies for your input:p
  8. which part of your face is the hair you're wanting to get rid of, Hi- ClassBaby? I've had electrolysis to my upper lip. It was painful (i would recommend you use an anaesthetic cream!), but helped get rid of most of the hair. I also had my sideburns done, but it took AGES and i got sick of it and stopped. Then this year i tried laser to them and loved it! I so wished i had gone earlier. I have had 2 treatments and there is virtually nothing there. i wish i had had it done earlier. it was always something i really hated and felt self conscious about. there are different lasers out there now and i think you just need to go to someone who has a few of them and who knows the machines well, so they can choose whats best for you and your skin type. go with laser i say!!
  9. ^ sideburn area and chin really annoy me, I did laser there about 3x and it seems worse! This was about 5 years ago and I read that my ethnicity with laser casued the hair to get worse....so im scared to try the laser again now!
  10. Hi-ClassBaby, you should see which laser they used last time and check out wahts available now. I must say, I've not heard of problems with getting more hair after a treatment. I have heard of things like hyperpigmentation though. Electrolysis is good, it just takes a very long time to get done and hurts alot (even with local anaesthetic cream).