Electrolysis - anyone?

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  1. I'm seriously considering electrolysis over laser. I have light skin and light hair, and am pretty sure laser won't work on me. Has ANYONE had electrolysis done? I haven't seen any threads about it and I'd love to get more info from someone who knows first hand.
  3. Pros: Its permanent, no regrowth over time

    Cons: Its a needle inserted into your hair follicle...ouch!!! :sad:

    I would like to do this for like my bikini line and underarms. Less money spent on laser sessions the better.
  4. electrolysis is very time consuming and expensive... they can only do a small area each session

    and the thought of poking a needle thru my pore to kill the follicle is too much pain and too high a chance for an infection or something....
  5. Lazer is better for large areas and coarser hair, while electrolysis works on fine hair and smaller areas like upper lip. Electrolysis works equally well on every hair colour, lazer is most effective on pale skin and dark hair. Lazer can even be quite dangerous if performed on dark skin.
  6. one word for electrolysis: paaaain.
    I had round 6 sessions done, it was originally supposed to take 4 but I could not religiously keep up with the set appointments due to hectic schedule and the hair needs to be ...tended to every couple weeks to ensure permanent removal.
    anyways... an associate was my electrolysis-er (LOL dunno what the techy term is) and so I recieved a discount. it cost about a $80-120 an hour for me, depending on which areas I was doing at the time.(more areas = more time :P) I think $70-80 an hour is a minimum standard.
    I dont know if I just had a weak pain tolerance or something. I can handle waxing and FULL face threading without flinching ((ouch)) but those 15mins or so of pain was really unbearable. the actual treatment itself does not take very long, for me it was just the anethestic cream that took a while to set.
    the cooling 'pads' that was put on treated areas afterwards was the best part of the whole thing IMO lol (other than the fact im hairless!! ;))

    in conclusion, painful but worth the money. it's permanent after all!
  7. Oh my........sounds soo time consuming, costly, and painful.
  8. My mom had it done while I was with her. It took a looong time (she had her legs up to the knee done). It looked quite painful, altho my mom didn't complain much. She has very little regrow altho she only had one session!
    Just like with laser hair removal, the amount of treatments needed varies very much from person to person. I think my mom would have had good results with laser also.
  9. Hmm - I can totally handle the pain. (I've had 3 babies, the largest was 10 lbs...I'm no stranger to pain) But the TIME? I can barely get in for a bikini wax, let alone session after session for electrolysis!! Argh.
  10. Lazer hair removal...is faster and longer lasting. However, it is more expensive.
  11. hello

    i have pale skin and coarse dark hair.

    i did electrolysis on my legs and i think i've had 15 sessions already.

    it was sporadic though, i never could keep up with the appts and also sometimes i didnt have the money.

    anyhoo my legs are half bald. HAHAH i know that sounds wierd but i would rather try laser than do electrolysis again. just too painful and time consuming.

    but each person is different. my hair is crazy strong and stubborn