Electricladyland.com Sale/Discount??

  1. I know there was a thread sometime ago about Electricladyland and I think the discount was 20%. I'm sure that is long gone, but does anyone know if they will be repeating that sale? TIA:flowers:
  2. Anyone? Anyone from AZ that might know?
  3. they have 25% off right now only til 14th midnight.
    use coupon code HOLIDAY25
    don't forget to check out the "salesrack" section! it's hidden but you can find it if you google electricladyland.com sale rack
  4. YES, thanks!
    I can't get the salesrack to work??
  5. hm? i think they caught on? i dunno. i used to be able to sneak in although i think they have a password system for certain users. you can still view them by going in through "site map" Electric Ladyland
    it's arduous though. you'll notice that certain items are preceded by "sale" or somehting or another.
    good luck!
  6. one more thing. I just purchased some items and although they didn't qualify for free shipping through the site, I used google checkout and paid no shipping. I'm guessing it's a google checkout promotion?
  7. I'd like the Thomas Wylde boots but damn, so expensive!!

  8. ^^^

    Those are very cute!!
  9. Perhaps I'm missing something, but why would you want to even shop at a site that makes it so darn hard to find sale items? It's not a very customer friendly site at all.
    Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks!
  10. I was looking at Thomas Wylde --- they never go on sale, but with the discount code you can save 25% and that's a BARGAIN!
    As for the sales rack --- yeah, it is totally crazy that it is not available!
  11. I love this site! They used to sell a LOT of Primp pieces..not so much, if any, anymore :sad:
    But it's a great site!