ElectricLadyLand 50% off Thomas Wylde

  1. Check it out girls ........ a whole BUNCH of Thomas Wylde on Sale! Bags, Clothes, Scarves, Shoes.
    The main index has a section for Thomas Wylde Sale.
    Happy Shopping! :yahoo:
  2. i was just looking at this site!
    does anyone have a recent code? i want to get a blazer.
  3. I'd love a code too. I'm dying for the blazer myself. :smile:
  4. Wow never heard of this site. Checked it out, saw this pic, and got majorly freaked out. LMFAO
  5. Thanks! I used coupon code "twspecial" for an additional 20% off.
  6. ^^ GREAT! Now, I can order the scarves! THANKS!
  7. Oh, it's still on, anyone else get some goodies?
    I would love a leather jacket - to go along with my scarves.
    So hard to resist at 50/20!
  8. I got a skinny scarf for $87. Thanks for that code :tup:
  9. Oh those sneakers are darling.