electric yellow / bouton FIRST?

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  1. Hi anyone seen this around?

    TIA ;)
  2. Gosh, I haven't seen any yellow in awhile now. Call either BalNY or BalLA and see.
  3. I *think* NMs in White Plains has one..... They definitely have bouton left, but I cannot remember if it was a first or not.

    But, BalNY and LA would also be a good start.
  4. Barneys NY/Copley (Boston) definitely had one ... I was there about a week ago. It's inside the case, so it's in pristine condition (not handled by a lot of folks). Give them a ring ... ask for George or Claire.
  5. I saw one a few weeks ago at NM in White Plains, NY
  6. thank you everyone for you help!!!
  7. ^ You're welcome! Did you find one?
  8. ^ I'm in Canada.. and I'll have to find out the #s... for these places! Only BalNY ship international correct?
  9. i dont know if they ship international, but there is a yellow first in bal bangkok!