Electric Toothbrushes

  1. I am a bit obsessed with my teeth as they are probably one of my best features - thanks to my parents, I naturally have very straight and white teeth which dentists adore! It suits me very well as I am terrified of dentists, so they can admire them and leave me alone! Anyway, I have used an electric toothbrush for several years now and my current one has died on me. I need a replacement as brushing manually is horrible to me these days, so I am keen to hear views on electric toothbrushes. Favourites? Disappointments? Recommendations? You'll make me and my teeth smile!
  2. I have an oral B triumph and I love it, it was pretty expensive for worth it, It counts down the 2 minutes for you on a timer and tells you where to brush and if you are brushing to hard. It also has a tooth polisher that comes with it.
  3. I have this one too and I love it. I really like the fact that it has the 2 minute timer!
  4. Fab. Thank you! Off to check it out right now . . .
  5. I really love mine, but it's a Sonicare. It's incredible; I've had it for years. It also has a timer/countdown and tells you when to switch from brushing one area to the next.
  6. me too!!! i love the timer!
  7. I've tried both sonicare and oral b. I think I have a slight preference for the oral b
  8. I have the Sonicare elite for a few years and can't live without it. ;)
  9. I love the oral b sonic. My teeth feel so much cleaner using an electric then brushing manually. Definitly worth the money.
  10. Sonicare is the best.. worth the $100+ or whatever it costs. We have 4 of them
  11. I had a Sonicare but I recently got an Oral B. I have no idea what it's called and I'm too lazy to look, sorry. :amuse: I like both actually. No big difference between the two brands.
  12. Another vote for the Oral B triumph. The timer is great, because sometimes I could brush my teeth for hours, while other times, I'll do it for 30 seconds and think "sheesh! surely it's been 2 minutes by now!"

    It's got some fancy pivoting-head-diagonal-cross-section-intra-tooth-brushing pulse movement (I should be an engineer, hey) - whatever... it works and I love it!
  13. Sonicare has a new model out called flexcare. It's smaller quieter and has a UV cleaner so it kills any bacteria in the brushheads. It also has the timer like their previous ones and different movement settings. It's one of the of best brushes I've tried and is convenient for travel since it has a travel charger and case.
  14. ^^That sounds pretty nice! I am going to check that out...

    I used to have Oral B and now Sonicare. I don't see much difference between the two to be honest...
  15. Dh and I have a Sonicare. It was expensive but worth every penny. My teeth feel so much cleaner!