Electric ladyland

  1. Hi! I was hoping to buy some stuff online at Electric Ladyland & was wondering if anyone had any discount coupons I could use please. (much appreciated!) :tender:
  2. The code "FASHIONINC" is good for 10% off. I just tried it and it worked.
  3. Any other discount codes for Electric Ladyland please?
  4. Monday - Wednesday 11/26-11/28
    We are offering 50% off all T-Bags Dresses& 25% off all Mens & Womens True Religion Denim

    Thursday - Sunday
    We are offering 30% off ALL ONLINE ITEMS!
    Simply type Coupon Code: ELLiday during checkout!
  5. For some reason the coupon is saying that it is not valid & it expired on the 11/26.
    I don't get it. :sad:
  6. well from what bagsforme posted.. it should start working from tomorrow?? Maybe you should try again on Thursday and see what happens. I hope it works.. i have been looking around the site to see if there was anything I could use the coupon on ^^
  7. the site isnt even working for me ...am i the only one??
  8. I wanted to order some Rocks...this code didn't work for me as well. I think I tried day before, it did work...but seems no longer working? or just like effinhaute said...starts tomorrow? We will see:yes:
  9. It's thursday & the code should be working & it's not help! I tried calling & no response.
  10. ughh the code isn't working for me either, and there's something i really want to order....boo :sad:
  11. I just tried too and it didn't work. Not sure whats going on. That's the email they sent me.
  12. Didn't work for me either :sad: If anyone has any luck, let us know!
  13. I finally got a response from someone & they said it has already finished. I did not recieve my email until the 26th. that bites!
  14. Hi Everybody.... We have received a lot of calls and emails regarding our 30% coupon code... Electric Ladyland apologizes for any confusion and we now realize that dates could have helped clarify... But unfortunately that sale was only the week of Nov 19th - 26th... Sorry!
    But to show we care, we'd like to offer this 10% discount to once again say sorry.. Coupon Code:OOPSE
    This coupon code will begin Dec 3rd and last through Dec 9th...
    Thanks ElectricLadyland.com
  15. kinda weak.