Electric Lady Land Discount Code for 10% and 20% Till the End of May! (Corrected!)

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  1. 10% Off: tralala
    this works always

    20% Off: MAYISHOP
    this only works till the end of this month, in the order comments, put "TRA LA LA Reader" as this isn't supposed to be available to the masses.

    So I had emailed the editor on TRA LA LA and asked about why the code wasn't working and she finally got back to me and was really sweet and apologetic. She emailed ELL and they said they had some internal problems but it's all fixed and that as an apology, ELL offered TRA LA LA readers a 20% off code till the end of the month (unheard of at ELL!).

    Now what to get with my 20% off?! :yahoo: Maybe those R&R skirts I was lusting before!! :heart:

    The site is here: http://www.electricladyland.com
  2. Thanks for this, that's great as I've had my eye on a Thomas Wylde scarf so I may take the plunge now