Electric Blue work giant sgh


Keep or send back orexchange my EB work???

  1. Keep the EB workbag sgh

  2. Exchange EB work for work with rh same color

  3. Exchange EB work for sahara work sgh or other color

  4. Exchange EB work for EB pt sgh

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  1. As all of you have seen my beautiful bag, my EB workbag sgh, I am having
    2nd thoughts of how it will fit into my life.:wtf:

    The color is really nice, though I was hoping it would be darker, it seems
    huge on me, not matter how I wear it.:s

    I think I will send it back and have it exchanged to a pt or city, but now giant.
    What do you ladies think, are the RH really more popular???:rolleyes:

    Would you pick giant or rh???:okay:
    The workbag rh seems smaller less heavy or bulky??
  2. Hope it is not too confusing, since I have a hard time to decide on the right bag.
    Too many colors , too much choice, but now I think it`s time to get a
    bag with rh.
    The EB is altogether a hot bag.
  3. Woah!!!!! Hang on a second.....you just got this BRILLIANT bag!!!!

    Are you willing to give it a chance???? Is this your 1st Work??? I'm told they get smooshier and softer AND more slouchy with use.

    As far as RH is concerned....I prefer the SGH...in fact, I'd be happy if Bal came out with a RH version, but in silver too. I personally think the Bal bags shine with the GSH....forget the weight...the give a killer look to the bag. I honestly don't like the RH....no matter how hard I try...it just doesn't do anything for me. I think the only bag I'd ever consider with RH is that GORGEOUS Cornflower '06 Twiggy....or an '04 Rose.

    My advice would be to hang onto it for awhile.....I'm certain you'll love it more in the Spring and Summer...it will be OUTSTANDING!

    Bottom line is...you gotta LOVE it. If it's not screaming love....then get what you do lust after.
  4. Dear Swiss,
    You have to love the color and style. If you're just not in love with it then exchange it for something else. I'm partial to RHs myself. It's solely up to you. But love love love EB! :tup:
  5. I agree with pinaygirl, if you don't love it, you should exchange it for something else. Good luck with your decision. :smile:
  6. Any other advice????
    Keep them coming, I am going to sleep now, I suffer from lack of
    sunshine, makes me tired an cranky, sorry about that.
  7. Hey Swiss, definitely keep the color an EB since you love it so much and I recall reading that you are a blues girl. Don't exchange it for a Sahara or other color unless you stop loving EB!

    As for style, I have not owned a Work yet so I cannot make comments about it. I am wanting to try a Work style next. Definitely consider the EB in a City or PT style if you think the Work is too big for you. Do you say that because you think it looks too big, or because you just don't carry that many things around? Why don't you post some pictures of you carrying it, doesn't have to be in the sunshine, and we can tell you what we think?

    Personally I don't mind the City with GH, but some people do and they'll say that it looks too busy on the City. I don't like the PT style because it's longer and it tends to sag in the middle if you carry it via shoulder strap (so does the Twiggy...) I think EB looks good with SGH or GGH, to give it that extra pop of color. I don't think I will like EB with RH (but I have not yet seen an EB with RH photo here yet...) but the GH bags are quite heavy even when they're empty, so I think when full you will definitely feel the xtra weight.

    Oh.. and hugs! Cheer up, sorry abt the bad weather, can you make yourself feel happier by enjoying some nice chocolate or a bubble bath etc?
  8. oh no =( i'm sad for your bag it's gorgeous! but if it doesn't fit 'you' then of course, get a bag you LOVE and are sure about
  9. keep gorgeous bag.
  10. nooo.... keep your bag... EB with SGH is gorgeous
  11. I think you should definitely keep it, unless you really, really feel that the shade of blue is not working for you. And the SGH looks so hot with EB!! As for the size, sometimes larger bags take some getting used to if you're not used to wearing them, but once you do I bet you will love the size!!
  12. Exchange EB work for work with rh same color

    The colour is starting to grow on me (I expected something else) but IMO I thinhk it would be much nicer in RH!
  13. I'd exchange it for something that truly melted my heart (my fickle heart :upsidedown:)
  14. I think you really need to love it to keep it, these bags are not inexpensive. I think you go thru stages in life where diffrent styles come in handy. My little one is two now when he was a baby I coudn't see myself without a shoulderstrap so I sold the work that I had just bought but now I am back to the "work" and love it, back then I really didn't want anything fancy and really preferred by far RH but now again I am in a mood where i like to "dress up " a bid more and SGH works fine with me....hope i didn't confuse you even more.:shame:
  15. If you don't swoon over it and take it outside in the first week or at least month you get it, and then keep using it, sell it, however popular the bag may be. It needs to fit you personally.
    So you seem to have quite a few doubts so I'd try to figure out whether it was the color, the size/style or the sgh (or all of these) that put you off. Then sell it and order a bag to fit your style better.