Electric Blue! Want a GH PT- SGH or GGH


Electric Blue Part Time: SGH or GGH?

  1. Electric Blue PT with SILVER GH

  2. Electric Blue PT with GOLD GH

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Would you rather have an Electric Blue Part Time with GOLD giant hardware or SILVER giant hardware? I can't decide which waiting list to join! :confused1:
  2. I vote for silver.
  3. my vote goes to the giant silver HW. the combo is cool and chic.
  4. I vote for the gold! gold will just make this color POP!!
  5. I think the silver!!!
  6. I voted for SGH. I've seen the combo and it's fantastic!!!
  7. silver for me, would be perfect!
  8. [quote=cracker;4197112]I voted for SGH. I've seen the combo and it's fantastic!!![/quote]
    I voted for SGH too! I just imagine the combo in my head, the Silver hardware shows a cool elegant look on the bag while the gold brings out warmth, glamourous side of the bag!

    Cracker, may I know... where did you see this combo?
  9. You don't happen to have any pictures at all, do you? I am dying to see this color in an actual bag rather than a tiny swatch!
  10. I vote for silver!
  11. Silver, silver, silver.
  12. EB would be screaming cool with silver!
  13. I need to see an Electric Blue City before I can vote. I cannot decide by just seeing the small swatch sample. :confused1:
  14. I voted for Gold.
  15. I'm minority here as I love this EB with Gold actually